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In my work as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner, clients come to me to help them heal their physical illness and emotional problems, through past life regression under hypnosis. Through this technique pioneered and perfected by world renowned author Dolores Cannon, people can discover the root cause of their illness, and often times it is something they have been carrying in their energy fields for many lifetimes. The following is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Healing Technique session story in my practice:

In February of 2015, I facilitated this session for a 42 year-old man, with a speciality in communications. For privacy sake and identity protection, we will call him Sam. Since he lived across town, we met halfway at Sam’s sister’s rental home that was being remodeled. The whole two-story house was upside down in reconstruction. (I love how the external reflects the internal!) There was no bed so we used the sofa in the living room for Sam to lay on. I sat on the ottoman. I was impressed with the amount of inner work this man has done in his life. Sam meditates regularly and is mindful of his dietary changes he has made. In addition to the food allergies, migraines, and exertion asthma, he asked about a missing time episode in his life. Sam also mentioned that he felt there was something blocking him from going further on his ascension path and he wanted to find out what it is.

Past Life

He found himself standing in the middle of a garden, stone statues all around, pyramids of varying sizes, large buildings and flowing water. He described himself as a very tall, muscular male with olive colored skin. His feet were bare and his white sleeveless garment hung down to his knees, with a belt tied at the waist. His long dark hair was topped with a white cloth and metallic decorated triangular headdress. There were colorful jewels hanging from the neckline on the garment. 

When I asked him what his job was, Sam’s voice changed; it became authoritative and strong: 

“He is the guardian of a complex in this garden where scrolls, scripts and books were kept for people seeking knowledge, initiation, wisdom and understanding. He said he was a form of human and also another form of being, however, there was no word to describe himself in the human language. The location of this complex was in Egypt. It was called Khem, and many other names long ago. He was born to be a keeper of the knowledge. All the books, teachings, and knowledge contained in these buildings, he attained. If there are questions that need to be answered, he helps the seeker because he knows where the information is located in the building. He doesn’t help them on their path. It’s very important that he not interfere. He helps them to know where to go [to get the information].”

“There are seekers who are not seekers. This is the guardian’s special task. There are those who wish to attain this knowledge and use it for less than wise purposes. Some folks call it evil, negative, and others call it darkness.” 

He could see through this. He did it through a feeling, then sight followed. There was nothing he didn’t see or not know. He felt humbled, honored, and privileged to do this job. He said we are all equal. 

“We are all in this together; in the ascension. I do this job to the best of my ability so that others can ascend too.”

At this point I asked if he has a name. He replied: “I am energy, or vibration, I don’t take any credit or form. I observe, I’m the guardian, to help and to serve. If you have a name that’s in your mind, you can call me that.” 

I heard the name, “Karlos” in my mind. He replied, “That suits perfectly.”  I asked Karlos, “How do you redirect the ones who are not there for the highest good?” Karlos replied, 

“The light comes in. It’s indescribable. I sense, I see, then the light comes in. There are beings that follow. When they follow in, the energy is transmuted so there is no confrontation. It just looks like a conversation. I step back. The energy transmutes. The beings without good intentions leave without any confrontation.”

We left this scene, and I asked to speak to Sam’s sub conscious. This is not the sub conscious that psychiatrists and psychologists refer to. This sub conscious is the group of beings that are responsible for us, love us, heal our bodies at night, and have the ability to perform instantaneous healing. They know everything about us. They have access to the Akashic Records and beyond. This sub conscious is also known as the Higher Self, however, they really have no name. We humans use names to help us in our communications. 

Contacting The Sub Conscious (SC)

(notice how the SC always talks in the third person, and in this case, refers to Sam as “the vessel”)

Both Sam and his Sub Conscious said his life is about service toward others, to be strong when others cannot, and to let the light shine forth. Sam’s career in Arizona is complete and this is why he is moving to another state. The move is favorable for Sam, according to the SC. From this session and the work that was done, Karlos is also considered a guide for Sam to ask questions whenever he needs to.

The SC went on to explain that the financial doors are closed in Arizona. Sam’s monetary investments will do well. He is to pay attention to his intuition and not doubt himself. “Emotionally, socially, physically, pressures can come. Just as Jesus went through the initiator process in the ancient land, so do we go through this, in a more spiritual form. There is a non-physical form of initiation and it creates pressure. Just like finances, it creates pressure, but it will not remain.” 

The SC worked in his chakras and made energetic adjustments. Because Sam expressed a vague memory of being assaulted when he was a child, I made an Akashic records request. The SC said, 

“The records indicate less than human beings communicating with a small child. Their intention was to do harm and block the coding. Some call it deprogramming. They only partially succeeded. If they had totally succeeded, he would not be living in this initiated path of ascension right now. Its taken many lifetimes to deprogram the coding that they blocked. We are almost complete with it. Their intent was to do harm. The plan was diverted.” 

The SC then transmitted healing energy into his star fields. They said the transmission went extremely well. “There is much heat in the physical body.”  There is a sense that re-programming may take place. There was a program within a program that could be relaunched. The SC sealed his fields so that no one can come near or interfere, (Sam began to cry) manipulate, attempt to block, program or de-program. It is done. It is so.” Sam’s voice changed to one of intense emotion. “It is closed! Such relief! [tears and more tears], such profound relief!”

I waited for a while in silence, then asked for permission to continue to ask questions. Sam’s voice changed back to the powerful SC in the affirmative.

Regarding the food allergies:

“Yes, there are allergies from head to toe that have been plaguing him for many years, mostly in the upper body near his heart and soul [solar plexus] chakra. The allergies came about from foods, environment and being, the being, the person, the programming. That is gone now. The purpose is to ascend, enlighten and uplift. Those substances are no longer needed by this vessel.”

Regarding migraine headaches:

“Migraine headaches are associated with the climate changes. Root cause: The programming was partially to blame. Environment yes, it can be favorable and unfavorable. As you begin to take on new forms of sustenance, these episodes will be less and less. The intent now is to purify the physical body as much as possible, in this time, day and age, it is essential to intend to purify the body, the mind, and the heart. Communicate with us, the Higher Self. Follow that intention then all manners of sickness and illness will cease to be. One sees themselves as pure, they are pure. There is no other way of being. So, we would say to this vessel today, continue to see yourself as pure. And you will live no other way.”

Regarding the asthma:

“We would say the same as we just said, the environment and programming are largely responsible for this condition. See yourself as pure light, walking your path of initiation, then these forms cease to exist.”

Regarding the missing time episode:

“Two minutes was actually two hours. You did this to yourself. You didn’t realize what or why you did. The few instances this occurred, you actually stepped out of space and time for a moment. Its not permissible for you to know what had occurred outside in those moments, but we would say it was very loving and purposeful. Nothing darkness. The moments were accurate according to the physical vessel. There was time missing, but the purpose was beneficial, and you, this vessel will know when the time is right. It is not necessary to dwell upon the why. Be grateful that it occurred and move on. All will be revealed and fall into place when Divine Timing occurs.”

The SC scanned the Sam’s body and brought forth more energy. Powerful energies were running through my body as well. 

“The downloading and coding are taking place. Every cell in the physical vessel is receiving new information right now. This vessel is eternally grateful for the energy you brought forward.”  The SC expressed their gratitude for my allowing their energies to flow through me too. This is done on an unconscious level and I have no control over this.

Dolores Cannon

Since the room was filled with immense love, it was at this point I realized I forgot to pull tissues from the box for the tears streaming down my face. I’m always able to maintain my composure during the session. I found this opportunity to speak directly with Source, and ask about Dolores.

“Dolores is with you and all of you [the practitioners]. She is very pleased. She sees what she envisioned years ago.” The presence of Dolores was palpable in the room and the amount of unconditional love from her was almost overwhelming. 

After the Session

From the client’s perspective, he shared with me that over the years he’s had many energy clearings and healings. He said that absolutely nothing has come anywhere near what he experienced in his QHHT session. The healing and energy integration was so intense that when he came back into the conscious waking state, he could literally feel every cell in his physical body vibrating and teeming with energy. This session speaks of the powerful and profound gift that Dolores has given to humanity. It’s an honor to be of service through QHHT and to be part of a global community of facilitators of this gift. 

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