When I incarnated into the human body known as Barbara Becker, I brought with me a gift of healing that was not revealed to me and others until I received a shamanic opening ceremony in 2002, at the age of forty-seven. This type of ceremony is performed by a shaman. A person is guided through their Higher Self to seek out such an experience to unlock, so to speak, their innate abilities to channel the healing energies. We all have innate gifts. When we are ready, the gifts will be revealed. The shamanic opening ceremony is one way to unlock our gifts.

I spent a day with the shaman on top of a mountain in the Phoenix, Arizona area. After the ceremony, there was a ten month adjustment period where I received attunements and releases in order for the energies to be aligned with my physical human body and energy systems. During that time, I learned about the effects of the healing energies, as others shared their experiences. I noticed when I move my hands and arms, massive energies move through my body. I heard people tell me their spinal vertebrae would move and line up in normal anatomical position, taking pressure off of the nerves and their back pain vanished instantly. Others shared that parts of their bodies where previous injuries occurred, would become quite warm and return to normal temperature. They knew on another level, additional healing was needed. It could have been a form of cellular memory release.

I discovered I have the ability to channel these healing energies for both individual clients and for groups of people, all at the same time. Each person receives exactly what they need. I don’t need to know what the client is grappling with, in order for healing to occur. The person’s Higher Self knows best. In the gift, I hear a star language in my head, 24/7. I can listen to it, push it back to where I don’t hear it, and bring it forward to my vocal cords, for a person to hear. I later learned this is a mathematical language, from Source Creator.

In 2013, while learning to channel spirits, I was told by the trance channel instructor that this language comes from God and bypasses the ego. This means the person receiving the language, doesn’t have interference from their ego because the ego can’t understand what is being said. Information is absorbed or understood by their Higher Self. I was further guided in the summer of 2013 to offer this gift through groups of people in the Phoenix, Arizona area. My angels told me to call it the Star Energy Healing Group. The gatherings were held once a month. During these hour long sessions, people reported sensations in their bodies, pain going away, clarity of thought, seeing angels and fairies in the room, and some had conversations with their loved ones who had crossed over. Everyone was blissed out and very relaxed at the end.

In the Spring of 2014, I was further guided to change the format from live group gatherings to a tele-conference. As we know healing occurs through the ethers, we don’t have to be physically present with each other to receive and experience healing.

This is what one woman in Tennessee wrote about her experience on the tele-conference call:

“I listened to the recording again last night and it felt different this time. I was not sleepy at all, even though I kept waiting to start feeling it again. I kept my eyes closed. It was as if I could see a color of energy being put around me. It kept changing colors, from either dark purple to black to light purple, then pure white. There was a male in charge also. I heard, “It is done” at the end. WOW!!”

This woman in Canada who listened to the recorded tele-conference wrote:

“As I was listening to White One speak I started to feel lighted headed, like I was floating. I didn’t realize that this was healing taking place. Amazing. I wasn’t sure about e-mail healing, but it obviously works!”

One change that occurred after the tele-conference format was established, was the question/answer part from my Higher Self, known as The White One. They are a collective of beings from the Great Central Sun. Much like Abraham-Hicks, a group of spiritually evolved teachers that channel through Esther Hicks, The White One channels through me. They told me I am part of them and they are part of me. I was told participants of the tele-conferences are given an opportunity to ask questions and The White One will answer.

A woman in Texas wrote:

“It was amazing! I felt surges of energy going through my body as you [The White One] spoke. White One did address my question in the positive.”

The Star Energy Healing Tele-Conference is an opportunity for a person to receive healing from the larger aspect of themselves. I don’t know the mechanics of how the healing occurs. Healing requires belief that will and does occur. I hold no guarantees of healing, rather, I give the opportunity for it to occur, through channeling the healing energies.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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