Have you wondered how we meet angels? They are all around us, 24/7. Some angels are in the form of angelic spirits, where you can see them in your third eye vision, but out of the physical sight range. There are angels that will “slip into” a human to render aid or to deliver a message. Angels will respect our free will and not intervene in matters unless they have our permission.  They will step in to help us in order to prevent a life threatening event from occurring or preventing death, when it’s not our time to cross over into the spirit realm. I would like to share a couple true stories that illustrate angelic encounters.

While skiing on a black diamond run at SnowMass in Aspen, Colorado, a friend crashed into a tree at full downhill speed. He sustained a blow out fracture of his eye socket, hip dislocation and a knee injury. He was bleeding and unconscious in the snow. His wife witnessed this accident as she was following behind him. The wife was very shaken and huddled over her husband, screaming “Help!”, hoping no one would crash into them too. A woman came up to her and said,” Take the whistle out of your top left jacket pocket and blow it hard”. The wife dug out the whistle and began blowing it, while looking down at her husband. When the wife looked up and around, the woman was gone. The ski patrol came and rendered aid. He was flown to a hospital for medical treatment and survived. The wife later told me this story and said, “Barbara, no one knew I had a whistle in my pocket. I believe that woman was an angel.” If you are feeling goose bumps or tingles right now, the answer is yes. An angel intervened and assisted in the call for help. This example shows us how an angel can take human form and appear “real” to the person having the experience.

In my own story, I met an Archangel in an electronics store in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2003, I was given a mathematical language that is not spoken on Earth. I can hear it inside my head all the time. I have the ability to “turn down the volume” so it doesn’t interfere with my conversations with people. I also speak it during healing sessions. Someone told me it sounded Vietnamese to them. I was looking for someone who would understand what I’m saying while I speak the language. Although I speak it, I don’t understand it.

While picking up a replacement fax machine for the malfunctioning one I had purchased at the electronics store, I had the opportunity to speak with a Vietnamese man, standing next to me. The machine I had purchased had a manufacturer’s defect. I asked the gentleman if he would listen to the language and tell me what I’m saying. In a gentle voice, he told me it was not Vietnamese, but that it is a language for healing and protection. I also asked for his name. He replied, “Mike”. I thanked him and headed to the return desk.

At the return desk I was asked to show the store clerk what was wrong with the malfunctioning fax machine. While taking the machine out of its box, I suddenly had the realization that the Vietnamese man was more than just a customer. He was Archangel Michael, who prefers to be called “Mike”. And then I said, “This fax machine is just fine.” I looked at the machine and found the defect was gone!” Later, I realized, Vietnamese men usually don’t have the name Mike. Their names are usually associated with a positive characteristic such as An, for peace, or Minh, meaning “bright”.

This angelic encounter was about delivering a message to me about my healing work. I felt honored to be given the message by Archangel Michael himself. It’s important we keep our hearts open and ready to experience a communication with our angels. We never know where or how we will meet an angel. You have many angels right next to you right now. They are listening to you and you can talk with them any time you feel the need to. Your angels support you and love you very much. If you haven’t met an angel, ask your angels to reveal themselves to you. Be open to the experience and enjoy!

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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