It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I packed my SUV, anticipating the hour and a half drive up to my boyfriend’s ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona. My boyfriend was visiting family and friends in Switzerland. I had the whole twenty acres to myself. I jumped in the driver’s seat to back my vehicle out of the garage and load the cooler with my refrigerated food. But when I turned the key in the ignition, the battery was dead.

At first I wondered if this was a sign not to go. I asked my angels what this meant. Patience was the word. I said “Okay”. I called my AAA auto service. Within twenty minutes, a nice man arrived and confirmed my vehicle’s battery state. This was a six year old battery and I knew in my heart it was time for a change. The dead battery was confirmed and a new one was installed within minutes.

The battery service man spoke about impatient customers he had encountered in his job. I saw the conversation was heading into a negative tailspin when he said, “Everyone is impatient”. I replied, “How about changing that thought to everyone is patient”. I shared with him this is neurolinguistic programming and our thoughts and words we say out loud, go out to the global consciousness, one mind. When we do this, everyone receives this message and becomes more patient, even if it’s in a small degree.

He then told me, “Not everyone knows about NLP.” I offered, “Let’s change that to everyone knows NLP.” He smiled and agreed. When I shared with him I am a healer and channel for God’s love, light, truth, beauty and inspiration, our conversation turned to positive and uplifting stories of how the world is becoming a better place to live.

I could have become irritated with the situation of my car’s battery. Instead, I embraced this opportunity to experience it with love and light. First, I was grateful that this event occurred at my apartment where I am safe and secure from the hot summer heat. Second, I had a cellphone and an auto service that could take care of this challenge. And third, this was an opportunity to meet someone who needed a gentle reminder in his job, he performs an honorable service to those who need it.

On another level, when we meet impatient people, they are offering us a reflection of ourselves. This means we need to work on an attribute of being patient, forgiving and compassionate. It could also mean the impatient person feels safe enough with us to vent their frustration and pain, because we are holding the Divine love and light within us and are compassionate and within our power not to be affected by the demonstration of impatience. 

All of us walk through experiences learning about patience. When you find yourself in a situation where things don’t go as you had planned or hoped for, take a moment, drop into your heart, and ask your angels what is this lesson about. Do you need to change your perspective? Are you ready to embrace the circumstances and discover the abundance of joy and love in them?

When we place ourselves in the shoes of someone who is impatient and frustrated, it helps us to understand this is where they are on their journey. They may have not learned how to expect nothing and appreciate everything.

Blessings and joy,

Barbara Becker

September 2, 2012
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