There are messages from our angels and guides that are sent to us continuously. Whether we are open to receiving and recognizing them, depends on our awareness that we are supported beyond our imaginations. Messages come to us in the form of written or spoken language, songs, music, color, dreams, and other forms of symbols and signs. Everything in our physical reality is a message. Everyone can communicate with nature. We especially notice messages when they are given to us in an extraordinary way, such as the following illustrations with bees.

In some ancient cultures the bee was considered the messenger of the gods. Each time a major change occurs in my life, bees show up. And the way they show up is unique and unusual in my perception of my physical reality.

In the Spring of 2003, bees entered into my home office just before my shamanic opening ceremony. This ceremony was for opening the gift I brought to the planet. The ceremony was facilitated by a shaman. Everyone has a gift within them. For some people, they come to the planet with their gifts and use them all through out their life. Others wait until the perfect time to open their gift and share them for the benefit of humanity.

Hundreds of bees entered my office through the electrical socket from a hole in the slump block wall outdoors on the side of the house. Many bees were crawling on the wall around the window looking for a place to escape. Others were already dead on the carpet floor. I opened the window to let out the ones who could fly. I spoke with the bees and asked,” Why did you you come in here and die?”
I heard one bee answer, “Dear One, it is our honor to come here to give you the message of a great change in your life.”

I replied, “I understand. I’m still sad that it took such a great sacrifice on your part”. I voiced my love and blessings for the bees delivering the message of a change occurring in my life that would take me on a new direction on my path.

In the fall of 2010, while meditating on a Reiki table and receiving healing from my angels in a bedroom, a gathering of bees entered the room through the fireplace located in that same bedroom. I opened windows to let the bees out. There were several on the floor that had died. Their message was about change again. Shortly after this is when I received the message from my Higher Self that I was to pack up my belongings and leave with joy. Although I didn’t know where I was going, I heeded my Higher Self’s message and filled the boxes. I received a job opportunity and moved to Phoenix.

The bees deliver the message of impending life changes in a way to prepare us or at least to be aware of a new opportunity coming our way. I have had bees fly up to me and hover for a few seconds while practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong. The way I know it’s a big life change, is the bee is a large one, like the leaf cutter bee. Just being aware of how messages are delivered, can help us walk through our transitions and lessons with greater ease because we are given a “heads up” of what is to come. I find this helps reduce stress and the anxiety of change. Be aware of what or who shows up in your life. It’s all about love and helping you on the journey to your heart!
Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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