Golden Sunset
We are entering the Golden Age. Energy shifts are occurring in people. Now is the time to make the changes in our life that help us to live in our new light bodies with higher frequencies. I would like to share a true story of one woman’s dramatic change from the darkness to the light.

I went to the hair salon for a cut and color. My hairdresser worked by herself in a small salon. She hired a substitute stylist while she took time off. Little did I know what miracle was about to happen that evening in 2005.

People come to me for my services because they are ready to change themselves. They are ready to step up into their greatness. For her privacy, I will call the substitute stylist, Gloria. During our conversation, Gloria shared with me she had just moved from the East Coast to Phoenix, Arizona, after the deaths of four fellow satanic cult members who committed suicide individually. She felt she was heading down the same path with same low self esteem as the cult members had. Compounding her depression from losing friends, her dad had recently died. There was something inside of her that knew she had to leave and start fresh in a new environment. That something was her soul speaking to her at the subconscious level.

Gloria listened to her soul and moved. She no longer wanted to be associated with worshipping Satan. We talked about spiritual concepts of energy fields and what we engage in does affect our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. We have a choice to either turn toward the darkness or the light. God gave us free will.

Gloria still had negative entities and energies around her, from the satanic activities. After she finished styling my hair, I asked her if she would like a healing right there in the salon.We were alone anyway. She replied, “Oh yes!” I invited her to sit in one of the chairs with its back against the wall. I asked her to close her eyes and breathe easily and deeply while I placed my hands around her body, about two inches from the surface of her clothing. I moved my hands around her head, slowly downward alongside her arms and thighs, and down her legs to her ankles and feet. I then placed my hands on her ankles and then on her feet. The energy surged through my body from my head to my toes.

Within five minutes the healing was complete. I instructed her to open her eyes slowly and become aware of her body. I asked her how she felt.

She said, “I feel good. But Barb, you should see your face.”

I turned my head and saw my face in the wall mirror. My skin was the color of a ripe tomato. My hands and arms were normal in appearance. This was odd because I felt completely normal. I advised Gloria to drink extra water that night to clear out the cellular debris from the healing.

When I returned home, I sat on the sofa and felt a great amount of fear surrounding me. I looked at my face in the bathroom mirror and saw my face was still bright red. I walked outside and began performing Tai Chi Form One, next to the swimming pool. I sensed a dark entity near me and commanded it to leave me at once. The entity complied immediately. The fear was gone and my face returned to normal.

I have since learned I have an innate ability to clear houses and businesses of negative energies and spirits. I am able to do this without any tools or objects.

About a month later, I received an email message from Gloria. She told me she felt wonderful and her life had turned in a positive direction. From the moment of that healing, she no longer felt the satanic energy around her. She was finally free.

What caused Gloria to change? I believe it was God’s Grace with several factors. First, Gloria loved herself and had the desire and the intention to change her life. Secondly, she took action and moved to a new locale. Thirdly, it was the gentle guidance from her friends and her father, who were in Spirit. Our meeting was already written in our destiny. Gloria had no idea who would walk into her life, at the precise moment she was ready for a profound healing. Gloria is an inspiration for all of us who think we cannot move beyond our darkest of moments and old programs of fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, doubt and suspicion. She changed and so can we.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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