When I was a child living in Daytona Beach, Florida in the sixties, my family and I experienced hurricanes. I remember the preparations for the impending storm. My mother filled the bathtub with water in case there was a water outage. The windows were secured with two masking tape strips in a criss cross pattern. The transistor radio and candles were set out.

I was fascinated by the formation of the hurricane. In the late afternoon, during the storm, winds blew with rain pelting hard on the windows and roofs. However, the eye of the storm was completely calm. I could see the inner storm movement, by looking out the backyard windows and seeing the palm fronds falling on the ground, oak tree branches swaying to and fro, and rain blowing sideways. I would run to the living room windows on the other side of the house and see the front yard calm and quiet. No rain, no wind, no movement. I was witnessing the two opposite states of being. The Universe was showing me a choice. I can choose to be the quiet calm center as chaos circles around me, or join in the frenzy and drama that promotes negative thought programming.

Since we are all connected to one another, how we are feeling and present ourselves to the world, can be felt by others. When we are upset, angry, or irritated, our energetic vibration is lowered. This does not promote harmony and well being. We want to be harmonious because we heal better and faster, our divine light and auras shine brighter and farther, and we manifest our abundance and well being when we are in a balanced harmony within ourselves. Our physical reality will reflect our inner state of being.

And there are times when we experience frustration, intolerance, anger and upset. We don’t want to hold them in. There are ways to constructively and therapeutically remove those feelings from our bodies. For instance, I was upset with myself missing the first flap of a ten flap baffle system while sewing a goose down sleeping bag. This meant I had to rip out all the baffles and start all over again. I jumped in the pool and swam four long laps without stopping. The movement in the water released my frustration. I was able to return to the project and complete it and I felt much better.

How can we create calmness and harmony within ourselves? There are oodles of ways.
  • Lighting a candle or incense and meditating while holding a blue or green rock is one way. Meditation done once or twice a day sets the mind to calm down.
  • Aromatherapy is another tool we can incorporate in our life. Lavender is calming. Placing a bowl of lavender in a room relieves anxiety and tension naturally. A bag of lavender next to your pillow at night promotes a better sleep.
  • Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga, are several ways to tap into our inner power and understand that all is right with the world, no matter what is occurring.
  • Receiving Reiki treatments or training in Reiki, promotes relaxation and releases tension. Reiki is a Japanese technique that assists in healing, balances the immune system and is an awakening of the inner self to the understanding of the larger self.

One of the most profound ways to create instant calmness, is to change our perspective. We can for a moment put ourselves in the other person’s shoes or situation. How would we feel if we were experiencing life from their frame of mind? Empathizing with someone has a calming effect for everyone.

If you find your life could be more calm, I recommend trying one of these suggestions. Go on the Internet and discover more ways to become calm. By being calm, you touch the whole world with your serenity!

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

August 25, 2012
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