I helped a friend lose 65 pounds using a simple program I guided and it goes like this:

1. Ask your angels and guides to help you start this lifestyle change and to stay focused and committed to improving your health and well being. Make an agreement to begin this change as soon as possible. If you are guided by your common sense or “gut instinct”, check with your family physician if these directions are in alignment with your medical condition and physical state. Consider consulting a Registered Dietician or Naturopathic Medical Doctor for diet suggestions.

2. For 30 days, write down in a journal everything you eat every day. The journal can be an inexpensive notebook purchased at the office supply store or your favorite marketplace. The act of writing down what you eat brings it to your consciousness so that you are aware of the foods you are ingesting. You can count calories or meditate on your daily intake. At the end of the day, dialogue with your angels about the food. Are there improvements that could be made? Are you feeling energized or sluggish during the day? You are in charge of what you place in your mouth. Make adjustments that will work for you.

3. Start walking. Set a time each day to walk for 10 minutes or around the block, on a level surface. Do some stretches before your walk. Consider walking with a friend or family member to encourage each other. Protect your head with a hat and your skin with sunscreen. You don’t need to walk fast or jog. You are training your muscles and your mind about this movement and being gentle with yourself will prevent injuries. Do this for one week. You will want to do more because it’s so easy, but don’t. Keep centered and committed. Enjoy the environment you are walking in. Be grateful for the trees, birds, flowers and the smiling faces you meet along the way. Smile and be happy, for you are loving yourself into a new you. The next week, increase the walk to 15 to 20 minutes. Gradually increasing your walking distance up to 3 miles. When you feel guided by your angels, you can increase the speed of your walking. You don’t have to run. The main thing is to be consistent and committed to your exercise. When you feel guided, transition to hiking. Find easy trails with a gentle rise and fall in the landscape. Remember, you aren’t out to prove anything to anyone. Take your time and enjoy a short 20 minute hike. 10 minutes each way. Increase the time, distance and elevation intensity as you are guided. At any time during this walking/hiking exercise you feel pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, or any other ill symptom, stop and rest. Consult your physician or call for help.

4. Drink water, take vitamins. Water helps flush your body of toxins and adds energy into your cells. If you are guided, consult your physician about your water intake and which vitamins are in your best interest and highest good.

5. Remember you are human, and it’s okay to have a dessert or treat. Allowing yourself one dessert a week to satisfy a craving is okay.

Here is the bonus: weigh yourself once a month. Wait four weeks before you step on the scale. You will be amazed. Years ago, I decided to lose 30 pounds. I weighed myself 30 days after I started my program. After I saw my initial 10 pound weight loss, I literally felt I was walking a foot above the ground with my accomplishment. This inspired me to keep on track and committed to my exercise and diet modification until I reached my goal.

I hope you find this article helpful and wish you the best in creating and maintaining a healthy you!

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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