Tai Chi

Are you having difficulty staying focused and centered? Are you reacting to recent world and local events, based in fear and worry? Are you feeling a sense that you are not in control and that your life is spinning out of balance?  If you said yes to any or all of these questions, it is possible you are living your present life letting the ego run your life. Although the ego has purpose, it can become dominant when we are concerned with how we look, how much stuff we have, feeling less than others and being self-centered.

In order to move forward with grace, ease and joy in your life, it very well may be a good time to take a look within yourself and your immediate surroundings and activities. Is your main focus in life centered around accumulating objects, debt, and other material things? When I drive down the neighborhood street looking at homes with garage doors open, I see vehicles in the driveways and the garages filled completely with items, floor to ceiling. This is a good message for us. Life is not about how many toys are in our toy box. Do we really need all this stuff? What can we let go of, that will allow more abundance of support, love and connection to Spirit/God/Creator flow to us? Because our spirituality is what we are craving, not objects. If you want clarity of thought and clear messages from your angels and guides, then de-clutter your home, your vehicle, your office and any other space you occupy. Do this and observe how you feel and think. Watch your breath and see how more free you are.

I am continually looking inward when I see these messages of accumulation and search for what else needs to be cleared out of my energy fields, my body and my mind. Here are several modalities I use to journey inward:

Thai massage

Kriya Yoga

Tai Chi

Qi Gong



Connecting with Mother Earth in nature


Please know there is no judgment of people with stuffed garages. Rather, this is another part of us that wants to be cleared, cleansed and healed. Give yourself gratitude for receiving the message, and taking action, placing more love into you.

We all know our world is changing. It is always in a state of change whether we acknowledge it or not. Change is constant, for it is our evolution into our Divinity. When I see or hear of a natural or human-made disaster or event in the news or social media, I acknowledge that this is a communication for me, to dig deeper and heal that part of me that is unresolved or causing distortion within myself. I stay out of the fear and anger. I direct my focus to myself and ask if this is something from my current lifetime or a past lifetime. This helps me to not blame others for the pain and suffering in the world.

From my direct connections to star beings and angels, I understand we are being supported and loved beyond our wildest dreams and imaginations. We are receiving DNA changes, light code upgrades, and protection from vibrations we are not even aware of in our consciousness. We are all part of the creation of Ascension of Mother Earth and our own Ascension. We are returning to a more evolved and simpler way of living, more connected to our dear planet. Although it feels at times experiences are out of control and spinning out of balance, we must also remember that everything is in right order. Everything, everyone and every experience has purpose. Its up to us to choose our perspective of change for the greater good, the flow of energy, and our path to the Sacred Heart of compassion, love and forgiveness. We are all in this together.

Blessings of love and joy!

Barbara Becker


If you are have difficulty remaining focused or need to clear your chakras and energy fields to attain optimum health, a channeled healing can be given in person or over the phone. 

An Angel Tarot Card reading can help you focus what direction your life purpose is taking you. The messages are uplifting and empowering. This can be done over the phone and it's privately recorded on an mp3 download, so you can review it again. 

For more stories of my healing gift, please consider reading my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. If you are guided, please contact me.


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