Seeing clearly

“You have sole ownership of your vision. And the Universe will give you what you want within your vision. What happens with most people is that they muddy their vision with “reality”. Their vision becomes full of not only what they want but what everybody else thinks about what they want, too. Your work is to clarify and purify your vision so that the vibration that you are offering can then be answered.” ~ Abraham Hicks

Until I was forty-two years old, I mostly followed what people wanted me to be. I fit into the conventional work as Registered Nurse in the hospital, then as a legal nurse consultant. In conformed to society’s standard and view of what I was supposed to be and do. This meant a steady paycheck, working for an employer, being evaluated and judged to a production standard for the good of the company and the customer benefit. Of course, this meant I believed and very much went along with the programs we’ve been fed. Programs such as chemicals in the form of drugs and a determination that the symptoms will be treated without delving into the metaphysical cause for the illness in the first place. I’m not totally against drugs. It’s that I have changed and prefer a more natural method of healing with homeopathic preparations, energy medicine, yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other non-invasive modalities. I own my business and enjoy being of service to people through channeled healing, angel readings, and now, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy® past-life regression sessions.

I even bought into the program from eye doctors, friends and others, that our vision will become worse as we age. Every two years, I returned from the eye doctor with a stronger prescription than before, for my nearsightedness and astigmatism. The Bates Method® of eye exercises to improve vision was published in 1955 by Clara Hackett in her book, Better Vision Now: Improve Your Sight with the Renowned Bates Method. Dr. Bates performed research and developed a set of exercises to improve eye vision. Now, what does being who I really am have to do with eye vision?


“Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with source, who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective, who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are, is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective, and more powerful than a group of millions who have not achieved this alignment.” ~Abraham Hicks


When I attended the Braco gazing event in Phoenix, Arizona in the summer of 2013, I gave my testimonial. I disclosed to the world via livestream, and the audience, that I have plans to not wear eyeglasses anymore. After the gazing session, three people walked up to me and told me about the Bates Method® exercises and it would be a good idea to look into it. I felt three was a divine number not to ignore. I purchased Clara Hackett’s book and began the 12 week exercise program at the beginning of December, 2013.

By the beginning of the 11th week, I had tripled my distance vision! There were moments of crystal clear vision during the weeks I adhered to the program. These brief moments gave me the incentive to continue and keep focused. And just like the Jin Shin Jystsu® treatment for my physical urticaria, I received in 2001-2002, I know I will go the distance to meet my goal of healthy eye vision without prescription eyeglasses.

The exercise program is mirroring my focus on creating and expanding my business. In my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography, I shared my teleconference with Dr. James Martin Peebles, a spirit channeled by Summer Bacon, that one of my missions is to reveal more of myself to the world. This was one of the reasons my book had to be published. Dr. Peebles said, “Revealing ourselves is frightening to most, because our true internal power of the Divine within us, is exposed. But this is what is needed in order for us to heal ourselves and touch the world with our beauty, God’s beauty.”

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


If you have physical, mental or emotional illness, or need to clear your chakras and energy fields to attain optimum health, a channeled healing can be given over the phone. 

An Angel Tarot Card reading can help you focus what direction your life purpose is taking you. The messages are uplifting and empowering. This can be done over the phone and it’s privately recorded on an mp3 download, so you can review it again. 

For more stories of my healing gift, please consider reading my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography. If you are guided, please contact me.

New! I am now offering Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy® sessions for clients living in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. This is the healing and past life regression technique pioneered by Dolores Cannon. For more information, please visit: I’m available to fly to your town in the USA. Contact me for details.

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