Mother Earth is a living and breathing being that is connected to us. We are being asked to help her through the ascension process she is experiencing at this time. Each of us has the power to promote a positive effect that will calm and stabilize our Mother Earth’s transition. Because the external environment reflects our internal being, we are responsible for changes in the weather. According to the fairies, as a global community, our collective thoughts determine blue skies or stormy precipitation. When we are happy and compassionate, sunshine and beauty surrounds us. And yes, there are times when we welcome a rain shower to clean the dirt and the dust. A gentle soaker nourishes the plants, flowers and trees. However, when we are sad, worried and fearful, storm clouds gather echoing our state of mind. A home filled with debris, trash, newspapers stacked to the ceiling, and so many objects one cannot see the floor, has no flow of positive energy to stream through the rooms for an auspicious and healthy lifestyle for the people and animals who inhabit the dwelling.

There are several ways we can help our Mother Earth transition with grace and ease:

1. Healing ourselves creates a healthier and more lovely environment in addition to living in a vibrant body. Seeking the underlying root cause of disease and conditions is the first step in healing. Letting go of what no longer serves our highest and greatest good is the path of healing and ascension.

2. Recycling, picking up trash, and using environmentally friendly products promotes a cleaner space to live in. Eating healthy and with love cleans and sustains our bodies in a luminous way.

3. Discarding old papers, trash, and objects not considered for human use assists in the removal of that which no longer serves us. Yard sales and donations to charities or friends or neighbors helps our planet through recycling useful items.

4. Organizing our necessary items, and arranging furniture conducive to the gentle flow of energy through the house, will bring in positive life experiences to the family. Our ability to manifest and heal ourselves is multiplied. Our family interactions become and are sustained based in love and respect.

5. Spending time outdoors reconnects us to Mother Earth. Ask the fairies for suggestions to help you energize your mind, body, soul and emotions. A walk in the park, planting flowers or trees, and meditating on the ocean beach at sunset, are examples of activities to quiet the mind and nourish the soul. You have your favorite ways to center yourself too.

As we assist Mother Earth’s ascension process while reconnecting to her with our mindful intention of living in a Divine space with our sacred human bodies, we touch the face of God with our beauty and creative power. Our fairies are indeed grateful for our contribution in creating Heaven on Earth.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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