Never before in the history of humankind has there been a greater goodness and being of existence right now. Your angels and guides are working closely with you to manifest and create your heart’s desire and passion.

As you hear the politicians banter about their visions for a brighter future, they also criticize their opponents track records in the same breath. All of this discussion serves to energize the world in creating change on a global scale. More and more of you are deciding you want a life based from the heart, not about criticism and being better than the next person.

Collectively, a life filled with joy starts with each individual’s decision to create peace within the self. This is surrender. For some this means clearing old baggage of guilt and regrets. For others, old habits and patterns that no longer serve the soul’s desire to live a life authentically with integrity are ready to be released and replaced with clarity, balance, and abundant joy in loving service to others while maintaining comfortable home and family relationships.

How can you tell it’s time to surrender?

1. Assess you energy level. Are you energized and happy in your work?

2. Do you find time to nurture your loved ones?

3. Did a major event occur that changed your life and left you in a state of confusion or with new abilities that could help people?

4. Are you living your Divine Life Purpose?

Take five minutes to meditate and ask yourself and your soul the four questions above.  If you are living your Divine Life Purpose and know this in your heart, then continue to perfect it. If you are not living your Divine Life Purpose, then take the steps in discovering your earth mission. You can meditate or find a friend you can easily express your heart’s desire. Have the friend ask you questions to help you move the answers to the surface. Remember, all the answers are within you. Find a light worker, healer or angel communicator to assist you.

Above all, remember you can ask your angels and guides to reveal the answers to your questions in the most easily understood format for you. Keep notes in a journal and believe in yourself when the answers are revealed to you! 


Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

October 25, 2012
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