When I look at the sumac tree with it’s leaves and stems falling, I’m reminded of my life for the past year and how it’s time to really shed all that has transpired and keep the wisdom born from the lessons learned. The old programs and conditioning that have been revealed over the years, are still falling away within me.

The falling of the programs of destruction, duality and division of our innate blended feminine and masculine divinity, will continue as we go forward in 2014. We are learning what works for us, may not work for another. We don’t have to fit into some mold or perspective that someone has for us, and doesn’t resonate with our being-ness. It feels uncomfortable, but we must walk through this change to live in a world of peace and harmony.

I see before us, how the politicians that are clamoring for control and more money, are presenting themselves in ludicrous manners. Anyone can access Facebook, the network news, and newspapers and read any number of stories. These stories are evidence of the falling apart of the old programs. For example, take flu immunizations. I remember years ago, flu shots were advertised only before the flu season. Now, these immunizations are advertised year round at the grocery store and in front of pharmacies. The truth about vaccines has come to the surface in the United Kingdom in 2013. You can read more here:

On a personal note: in the early nineties I received my last flu shot and sustained a severe local reaction that lasted for three weeks. My medical doctor at the time warned me never to have another flu shot. Even though I worked in the hospital and took care of people with influenza, I had only mild symptoms, and eventually I stopped having the flu. I interpreted the initial severe reaction as a message to stop receiving these chemicals into my body.

What is important, is that if a person believes a flu shot helps them, and it does, then so be it. For others, who do not hold the same belief, then so be it too. And what if you, as a parent, insisted your children receive flu shots or other immunizations, and a severe side effect did occur? Are you to blame when you did not know differently? Of course not. It was the best you knew at the time. The experience was meant to happen and most likely it was for lessons in it. As a former Registered Nurse, I used to administer immunizations to the public. Immunizations were in my belief system at that time. I have since changed my beliefs because I changed myself. I learned we are capable of healing our bodies. For some healings, we are able to manifest health by ourselves, although I believe we have help in another dimension, working alongside us. And for other healings, it takes another person to help us.


At the end of 2013, it is the perfect time to look at our belief systems and  determine what we want to work on, in 2014. Healthcare and health insurance will be topics of debate and contemplation. Between now and New Years Day, here are some suggestions to usher in the New Year:

1.  December 31 is the day to get your drum and beat it to welcome in the New Year. Also, the new moon in the 1st of January. This is the perfect time to make your requests to the Universe.

2.  Between Christmas and New Years, create a vision board or a creation box for what you want to manifest in 2014. Relationships- use doubles of images like chairs, hearts, flowers, ships, etc. Finances- use images of money, smiles, green luscious fields, etc. Health- use images of someone running with a smile on their face, blue skies and sunshine, green plants and trees, healthy appearing chakras, etc.

3.  In your creation box, ( a decorated shoe box or appropriate container) place statements of positive affirmations.

4.  Perform a ceremony for your vision board and/or creation box that incorporates prayer, positive affirmations, sunlight and happiness.

Use your imagination and meditation to create your special way of preparing for 2014. This is your taking action, that the Universe wants to see, and will respond accordingly. And remember, you are doing your best in creating love, peace, balance and harmony in your life and in the world. 

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


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