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We have the opportunity to love one another in every moment of every day. Every interaction, be it positive or negative is an expression of love and the need for love. Those that would tell you statements of judgment are really saying they have a desire for love because at some point in their life, they experienced the perception of the lack of love. What they don’t understand is the experience was placed there with their creative intention to find their way back to realizing the loving being they are. What they require from us is understanding, forgiveness and compassion. This does not mean we are to accept abuse and negativity. Rather, we can perceive the experience as another step in our spiritual growth. Are we strong enough to be the love and the light and stand up for ourselves and what we believe? This is what we are exploring in our life lessons.

Years ago, I had the most wonderful experience of listening to a woman scream, rant and rave at me while she expressed her anger and frustration about someone I know. I stood about two feet from this woman and allowed her negative energy directed at me, to flow right through my body and energy fields. The negative energy blew through me and past me. I could feel the sound of her voice in the air. I did not cling to it or try to control it, in any way or form. In that moment of intense energy blasting, I received a clear knowing that this woman was my sister in a prior life. I felt immense love for her. I could feel her pain. I allowed her to vent and empathized with her need to feel loved. Afterwards, she apologized and returned to a calm state. I felt pure happiness. I did not allow the negative energy to cause a change in my high vibration of love and compassion. I interpreted this experience that this woman felt safe enough with me to speak her truth. I felt honored to have received the opportunity to see how strong I am in staying centered and calm while others are in a state of disharmony. For me, the experience was a gift of love, and I returned the gift to her, with my love.

We are beings of light having a human experience to learn, discover, know, feel, give, receive and be love. We are also creators and co-creators. What we are not, are victims. We create every situation, expression and experience in our lives. We do this because we are growing and ascending on the journey to our heart. The more love we have for ourselves, the more love will be reflected back to us from others and our environment. We will be challenged to help us grow and to give us growth markers to see how far we have come on our heart path.

My angels tell me the challenge for us in every given moment is love. We are all working together, playing our roles to help one another. The next time we have a situation or interaction that is not harmonious, can we remain in a calm state and be the love? Can we choose to be the one who speaks their truth, shine the light, be centered and have clear established boundaries, while not caring what others think of us? This is self-love and it is a powerful teacher. Self love gives us the strength and courage to be the light and loving being we are, in our spiritual state in the human experience.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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