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I used to look to others and objects in my life for my happiness. I thought I could find it in a new dress or a new pair of shoes. But new dresses and shoes are like new cars driven off the dealership car lot, they lose value instantly and are temporary in that they eventually wear out. I thought a friend would stay with me forever. But circumstances occur and friends move away or focus their sights on a new, the same or different path than mine and drift away. I’ve learned this is part of our growth. When we change, we let go of what no longer supports what is in our hearts.

Happiness is found deep within us and we can bring it to the surface by embracing our gratitude, staying positive and being our true self.

1. Being grateful changes our vibration to a higher level. Just naming three things or persons we are grateful for, changes our attitude to one of hope and faith that more positive situations and people will come into our life. They did before, why not now? Anything is possible with a positive attitude.

2. Staying positive no matter what happens, ensures happiness. Even storm clouds have a silver lining. We just have to look for the benefits of every situation. Our most difficult and challenging experiences serve to teach us lessons. We grow the most when we walk through our sorrows, mistakes and frustrations. They all have purpose and help us to strengthen our resolve and inner power.

3. Walking our path in our authentic self brings joy. This is who I am, take it or leave it, this is me. “I am perfect and I’m still working on it”, was the most empowering statement Grandmaster Zaysan, my Tai Chi instructor, gave me years ago. I gladly share it with anyone who could use it in their journey. When our life appears upside down or not what we had hoped for, we are perfect in each moment because we are learning our lessons. We are doing the best we can because that is all we know in that moment.

We are meant to feel the joys and the sorrows of life. Even the sad moments and frustrating experiences serve to help us learn more about love. As we gain more knowledge and spiritual insight, through our meditations and lessons, our best evolves to higher action that benefits all. When we apply this to everyone, then we see the world as a creative adventure and we are all helping one another! Life becomes a joy.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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