I facilitated this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session for a recently divorced woman. Her work is in computers. She’s never done formal hypnotherapy or hypnosis. An enlarged lymph gland gave her concern, and wanted it healed. She had been seen by doctors for the swollen lymph gland, however no treatment was rendered. She was worried that she couldn’t go into deep level hypnosis. Her past life regression is a reminder for us to establish and maintain our hydration in our physical body. The story below is a small portion of the QHHT® session.

Past Life in the late 1800s- early 1900s:

Walking on a cobblestone road, looking at a house with a black wrought iron gate around the small yard, she feels she’s in New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s about five years aged and wearing a floaty yellow dress, short sleeves with white lace trim. Barefoot, yet clean. Wearing a straw hat on her shoulder length, straight blonde hair, (client’s hair is dark brown, fashioned in two braids down to her waist) she picks up a dark green frog and holds him next to her chest. Looking around she sees people move around by horse drawn carriages. She lives next door in a blue house, however, she doesn’t want to go inside because she feels free and happy outdoors in nature.

Next important day…

Age seventeen, dressed in a long black and purple dress, corset style, attending her grandfather’s funeral. The grandfather was a contract attorney. He left a sum of money, but not enough to sustain her in the lifestyle she was living. After the funeral, she went to the house and sat there wondering what is going to happen next. She had no male suitors and this was not a good thing in those days.

Next important day…

She lived alone in the house and did her chores. Not much is happening.

Last day of that life…

Dressed in a white cotton gown, she is in the middle of childbirth. She described she was located in a large room. Her husband was there, but not in a supportive role. The nurse was at her side and the doctor was trying to help her give birth. She went into labor at five o’clock the night before. Now it is three in the afternoon. She is exhausted and dizzy. I helped her to not feel the physical sensations of the painful labor. The nurse gave her an oral liquid medication for the labor pains.

The baby was removed from the womb by the doctor with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. It was dead. She did not hemorrhage. The doctor tried to resuscitate the baby, but it was to no avail. She felt exhausted and didn’t feel like living anymore. She slipped out of her body and drifted up to the corner of the room near the ceiling. In the next scene, she attended her funeral and saw they buried her body with her deceased baby. She went to a resting area, back in Source. We left her there.

What the woman felt the lesson and purpose of that life were…

“I had a lot of people. I didn’t follow what I wanted to do. I felt as if I had to do what others told me to do. I learned I was missing the connection with others, that in part, is why I failed to give birth to this child. I thought [this child] would complete me. Its almost as if I never found in that life what I was looking for.The lesson is finding that inner peace.”

Higher Self

The Higher Self showed her this past life because they wanted her to see and appreciate the contrast of that life and her current life. She needs to understand the different lives are different experiences have been selected for her to make and learn different lessons. Each life is different and each life will have different results.

Barbara: How is she applying the lessons in that lifetime to her current life?

HS: This current lifetime, she’s working out some of the karma of the past life she’s still bringing into the mindset of this current life.

Barbara: What is the karma that she is balancing?

HS: She needs to follow the guidance that has been put in her heart instead of conforming to the rules of society.

Barbara: How can she best do that in her current life?

HS:  She needs to learn to love all the beings around her and understand the love that’s shared between them all. That loving isn’t always giving in to what others want. Being able to allow others to learn their lessons and to detach. Stop trying to control everything around, because in the previous life she always tried to be in control and keep order. That’s not how she will make progress in this life. The past life will give her the most healing. The light is always with her and with everyone. That is it.

A side note:

In the early 1900s, German doctors developed “Twilight Sleep,” a drug combination of morphine and an amnesiac called scopolamine. It didn’t eliminate the pain of labor and birth, but made women forget it. The drug increased the risk of hemorrhage, slow down contractions, and depressing the baby’s breathing. Mothers and babies were more likely to die. Death in relation to childbirth was mostly in healthy young women. They died, often leaving the baby, and other children in the family, with a widowed husband.

The Higher said the root cause of the swollen lymph gland is her dehydration during the childbirth in the previous life and dehydration in her current life. The client’s Higher Self gave her specific parameters for daily water hydration. The water will flush out her lymphatic system and restore it to health. I am always amazed at how the Higher Self determines which past life scenes to show the client, addressing their life lessons and physical symptoms at the same time. The Higher Self’s wisdom and knowledge is infinite.

Love and blessings,

Barbara Becker

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