Do you find yourself easily affected by some situation or someone’s remark? Do you blame someone else for your lack of abundance or health, or the relationship of your dreams? Are you procrastinating about taking the steps to fulfill your Divine Life Purpose? Are you focusing on what others think about you, even though you want to express your unique gifts in the world? When we put aside our heart’s desire and our soul’s guidance, we are not in our power. We give it all away to others and into situations that are not in our highest and greatest good.

Listening to people who say you are not good enough or are a failure, can cause you to tailspin down into depression and deep anger and resentment. And that’s if you really believe the negative programming they are giving to you. Many of us have received this type of communication from our parents, teachers and other children in our childhood. We have been programmed to not trust ourselves and our ability to connect with our Higher Self, who is on our side and is our biggest fan and supporter of our heart’s dream. Now, while this seems that being trained to not be in our power, is negative, it really is another lesson on our soul’s journey to the heart space. When we look at the negative programming as a teaching tool, we can begin to see our way out of the hole of lack, low self esteem and illness. The negative situation and remarks are helping us to perceive the exact opposite because they are just mirrors of how we perceive ourselves. When I’m in my power, people and situations will reflect how I feel and sense myself as a kind, loving, compassionate and forgiving person. I can perceive a person’s unkind words as just their opinion. Everyone has the right to their opinion, because it is what they know at that time.

There are also other levels of the lesson of staying in your power. When someone speaks of unkind words to you, they are communicating their pain. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate compassion and forgiveness. Can you remain centered in a state of love  and forgiveness? Doing so will foster grace, dignity and strength. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for more than 28 years. He kept his power and forgave his captors. He stayed centered in his beliefs. Immaculee Ilibagiza prayed for 91 days to forgive her captors while she huddled with eight other women in a cramped bathroom during the Rwanda genocide war. She stayed centered in her belief and faith in Jesus and God. This was her life lesson for her.

Staying in your power means:

1. Trusting yourself and the choices you make.
2. Not caring what others think about you.
3. Checking in with your Higher Self to see if this is clearly what you want to create.
4. Not blaming others for what is occurring in your life.
5. Remembering you are Divine light with the capacity to love and forgive.

When you stay in your power, others around you learn from your example. When you are not affected by others and can stay in a place of neutrality and love, you are in your power. This frees you to take the steps to move forward in your Divine Life Purpose. This creates more people who are co-creating on this planet based in love and compassion. The whole world benefits as the vibration of love is elevated into the global consciousness. 
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