Special Channeled Message for 12-21-12
Here we are. 2012. 12-12-12. The beginning of beginnings. Love abounds. Within and without. Inner and outer. As above, so below. Heaven on Earth. Our angels and Star Beings share the following message of glad tidings, good will and expanded love:

“Dear Ones, we love you very much. As you gather this week in communion with your soul’s desire, whether you are with others or choose to be by yourself in nature, be at peace, you are never alone. We are here with you. Loving you, encouraging you, respecting and honoring your gifts of Free Will and Creation. The heavens have opened and the manna from God is showering you with the deepest felt love and compassion. For some, this is the time of new relationships. For those praying for a new love to come into their life, the answer is given. The gift of love is bestowed upon you.  

This is the time when you are in the presence of Now, where you will experience enhanced intuition. Third eye perceptions are opened for many for the first time. Your spiritual growth has sped up. Now is the time to share yourself with the world from your heart. Speak, hear and see through your heart. Assist one another in changing the vibration from fear to love, from fear to prosperity, and from fear to unabashed joy and happiness. 

The dolphins speak of human’s renewed energy and uplighting spirits of joy, happiness and deeper communion with one another, across the planet and beyond. Flippers up, thumbs up! Everyone on the planet has fulfilled their role in the ascension of Mother Earth and in each living being. 

For those who have lost their homes and for those who have lost their sense of direction and purpose in their life, they have a new home and they have a renewed sense of direction and purpose. The new home is Heaven on Earth. The direction is up the ascension process and the purpose is of service to one another. Living with less is living with more abundance of what really matters in the human experience- loving others, loving yourself and being loved by others, unconditionally. 

Take in a deep breath, Dear Ones, you are now living in a world of expanded love. You now see situations differently. You understand there is always an opportunity to create more love in every moment and in every being. You are the co-creator of your reality. Step up into your Divinity of being the most compassionate and loving human possible. We support your missions. God Bless You"

Your Angels and Star Beings

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