What does it mean to trust in God? What is God? How can we trust in someone or something that which cannot be described in the human language? And yet, we do trust, through belief. Belief in a higher power, a higher frequency that supports us and loves us unconditionally. While honoring our free will, our experiences and our perspectives, God has our back.

Many would agree that we are more than the human body. We are consciousness. We are energy. We are spirits having a human experience. It is through the human experience we grow and become more spiritual, more enlightened and more aware of the bigger picture. In this journey on planet Earth, we embody compassion for ourselves and for one another. We become compassionate for everyone and everything. Because at the very core of this human experience we know that we are all playing roles on this grand stage of ascension.

The ascension is the enlightenment and transformation into our light bodies, living in a fifth dimensional expression, in divine grace. This grace is experienced as daily blessings and even moment to moment blessings. We see others in a new light of gratitude. The gratitude stems from the understanding that everything happens for us, not to us. We are able to reflect back on past experiences, see the lessons learned and feel the appreciation for going through those challenging times and know we are the wiser and more compassionate for everyone and everything. Everything we have experienced in our entire life was not all for naught. Sometimes in a life, we have to lose everything, or have it taken from us in order to appreciate what we have now. Sometimes what seems an insurmountable burden, is lifted so we can experience a lighter, freer way of life. This is not about an injustice done. It is up to us to move forward and continue on our path, not looking back with regrets.

Belief that no matter what happens, we are always taken care of. Our God given team, known as our Higher Self, is always working behind the scenes repairing our physical bodies, giving us messages whether we hear them or not, and setting up what we need and desire to acquire or achieve in our current lifetime. We must stop the struggle through our resistance expressed as negative language and thoughts. We must catch ourselves from self-defeating behavior and action/non-action and do the opposite that is in alignment with integrity and honesty, love and compassion. This requires consciousness. In our meditations we can ask our Higher Self to help us be conscious of our behaviors and modify them to our highest and greatest good and that of others. If we can’t do this, then work with a therapist or shaman is in order. This will bring about the inner work that must be done to calm the egoic mind and allow the inner wisdom to come forward from the Higher Self. The ego’s job is to help us survive; such as running from a tiger that wants us for dinner, or pulling our hand away from a hot stove.

Take this blog post and meditate on it. What does your Higher Self say to you about trusting in God?

Blessings and love,


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