Sometimes we have to go to a place outside of our comfort zone to find our trust in the Universe. For me, it was a spiritual journey to Peru in 2004. I had decided not to use credit cards on this trip. I brought what I thought would be enough money to cover the cost of food and some items to remember my trip. 

The first six days of the thirteen day tour of Peru, were magical and fun. At this point, I looked into my wallet and realized I didn’t have enough money to complete the trip and return home to Arizona. The fear feeling overcame my body and gave me an achey sensation. I took a deep breath and remembered I could talk with my angels. I heard their voice: “Dear One, trust in the Universe. This is your test.”

I told myself, "Every time I feel fear I will say to myself, I trust in the Universe.” And it worked. The thought of not having enough money returned to my mind several times. Every time I repeated the affirmation, my body relaxed and I felt at peace. 

While meditating on a large rock formation at the sacred site of Salanniyoc, a little Peruvian girl about the age of four approached me. She was speaking very softly to me. I was not able to engage in conversation with her due to my altered state of consciousness. I heard her mother in the distance calling her child to let me be. I appreciated the respect and honor this child’s mother bestowed upon me.

When I completed my meditation and regained my physical state of being, I walked over to the mother and communicated from my heart through my eyes and my smile. For giving me peace and solitude, I gave the mother thirty-three nuevo sols- about eleven US dollars at the time. I sensed she was grateful by the smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes. It was at this moment, I heard a voice just to the right and above my head, “And Dear One, this is how you are getting back to America.” I wondered if I may have been the answer to this mother’s prayers for money she needed to feed her children. 

From this experience, I learned the power of affirmations in helping us walk through our perceived difficulties. Affirmations can turn our negative and fear based perspective around one hundred eighty degrees, to a positive mindset. I learned our needs are met above and beyond our expectations and imagined worries. It's just a matter of trusting the Universe.

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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