Life can give us interesting rides for us to learn our lessons. More so, how we walk through our rides gives us the opportunity to reveal the love we have in our hearts for ourselves and others.

In 2004, sitting in the back seat of a taxi traveling from Urubamba to Ollantaytambo, Peru, with a shaman and two other ladies, I became nauseated during the bumpy ride on the cobblestone streets. I looked over the driver’s right shoulder to view the speedometer. It felt we were speeding through town. But when I saw the dash instruments of the vehicle, there was a picture of Jesus over the speedometer. I couldn’t see how fast we were going. Nor could the driver!

Jesus spoke to me, “You don’t want to know.” I thought this was funny. Jesus has a sense of humor like me! And doesn’t this reflect how there are times in our life when we really don’t need to know how things are created or arranged for our highest and greatest good? Can we just be comforted that all of our needs are met above and beyond our expectations?

Even the taxi ride itself was reflecting my life; bumpy, fast, stop and go, full of life, love and adventure. I soon began to embrace the ride and what it was telling me. Here, the driver didn’t need to know how fast he was going, he trusted Jesus would protect him and his passengers, and the travel of his fares would be in safety and in Divine timing.

I saw a road sign with the international symbol for speed bumps ahead. I asked myself, Why have a warning, when the whole road is bumpy? It was like one big speed bump. Ah, the bumps represent the challenges in our life that give us soul growth. And the road we travelled upon between these two towns, was telling me I am walking through more growth. This is why I came to South America to experience the sacred sites.

When we arrived at our destination, another wave of nausea overcame me for a few minutes. I was processing old programming that had prevented me in the past from recognizing the spiritual information behind our physical experiences. I didn’t panic because I was not in control of the driving. I relaxed and enjoyed the sites along the way. I saw terra cotta red colored buildings all hand made with adobe bricks. Earlier that morning I saw men creating adobe bricks out behind the monastery hotel we stayed in. On the drive I saw people carrying about their daily routines. I could feel the love of the people and their closeness to Mother Earth.

Now, I am grateful for that bumpy taxi ride in Peru. It reflected my life and to remember to buckle my seat belt because there’s more to come. More soul growth, more fun, and more love. How are you traveling on your journey to your heart? Enjoy the ride!

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker
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