I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner. QHHT® was created by the late Dolores Cannon. A renown investigator and researcher of lost knowledge, Dolores regressed thousands of clients with her amazing and heart based healing modality. She discovered the Higher Self can be accessed through deep hypnosis. The Higher Self is the bigger part of each of us. In the last ten years of her life, she taught her technique to people all over the world.

One of the concerns I hear from my clients prior to going under hypnosis in a QHHT® session, is the “bathroom break”. They are a little antsy about having the need to urinate during the hypnosis and this will make them wake up, sabotaging their session. From my two and half years of client sessions, I haven’t found a bathroom break to be a problem at all. You might ask why?

First and foremost, I want my clients to be comfortable and free from worries. Most clients don’t need to urinate during the ninety minutes they are in the deep trance level hypnosis. I also have found for some clients, the bathroom break is a necessary part of the client’s healing and, to help them go deeper into the hypnotic state of consciousness.

One male client had a little interference from his conscious mind during the past life scenes. He took a bathroom break, and when he returned, he went even deeper. No conscious mind surfaced at all. It turned out he was somnambulistic. This means he wasn’t aware he was under hypnosis. After his session, he was over the moon happy about his experience.

Clients don’t have to be somnambulistic to receive healing and answers to their questions. In fact, it really doesn’t matter either way, because its the Higher Self who is doing all the healing anyway, behind the scenes. This is true for all forms of healing modalities. The Higher Self takes care of our bodies and has an infinite amount of knowledge, love and compassion for us. I’ll explain further.

Our physical bodies are made up of 50-70% water, depending on which research data you are looking at. Our planet is made up of about 70% water. We are connected to one another and to Mother Earth. We need to keep our bodies hydrated for optimum health and well being. At times, we need to increase our fluid intake to flush out cellular debris from exercise, massages, trauma, and illness, to name a few reasons.The same applies to a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session. These sessions are transformative. During the session, the Higher Self is healing the body, producing an effect similar to a deep tissue massage. We QHHT® practitioners encourage our clients to drink water before the session, during the interview, and after the session. I recommend my clients drink extra water for seven days after any form of healing modality. Our blood is cleansed by the liver and the toxins are removed from the body through the bowels and kidneys. 

Our body “plumbing system”, is comprised of fluids, blood vessels, lymphatic tissue, the heart pump, kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, water in the cells, and our muscles that massage the blood vessels, liver, bowels, lungs and our skin, known as the integumentary system. The human body is an amazing mechanism or vehicle that is constantly healing itself, monitoring, and sustaining itself, in order for us spirits to inhabit and experience being human. When our vitamins, electrolytes, hormones and minerals become unbalanced, our body organs malfunction. Water is an important component of a healthy body. Even our brain needs water to receive the nutrients and carry away the waste and toxins it receives from the environment and in other ways. Our kidneys form a liquid called urine, which is composed of 95% water. 

My QHHT® client who suffered from interstitial cystitis, causing her to urinate frequently throughout the day, got up and went to the toilet three times! Each time she returned to the bed, she went deeper under hypnosis. On the third request to use the toilet, I first asked the Higher Self to explore the reason for the client’s bladder issues. They obliged, and proceeded to heal the bladder right then and there. Then, they asked me, “Can she go now?” “Of course!”, I replied with a smile. And when she returned to the bed, deeply in the hypnotic state, I asked the Higher Self if the very act of urinating during the session was due to the toxins removed by the Higher Self. They replied, “Yes!” So, it makes sense that if a client needs to go to the bathroom during the session, it occurs for several reasons and it certainly doesn’t interfere with the client’s experience. A month after her session, this particular client shared that she is no longer concerned about a restroom being nearby.

By far, the most impressive QHHT® session I’ve facilitated is where the client decided to stop half way through her session. I’ll call her Lois (not her real name). We practitioners honor the free will of our clients. As of this writing, she is the only client of mine who decided not to go further in her session. She had come for a QHHT® session out of curiosity. Her daughter had an amazing session, so she wanted one too. The only health concern she shared with me was her mild low back pain of many years.

During the past life scene, she saw herself as an air molecule traveling over the ocean. We explored this for a while, then I asked to speak with her Higher Self. When she didn’t allow the Higher Self to converse with me, she requested to go to the bathroom and she didn’t want to continue the session. I counted her up and out. When I told her she was under hypnosis for an hour and ten minutes, she was shocked. She felt she was under for only fifteen minutes. When the client is in deep level trance hypnosis, their perception of time is skewed because they are time traveling. In my opinion, this is one form of evidence the client is truly in deep level trance hypnosis.

What happened next astounded me. Twelve days after her session, Lois calls me and warns me to be shocked. She has had bladder control problems (urinary incontinence) for the past 25 years. Since the day of her session with me, she has had no problems with her bladder. She was used to changing her underwear ten times a day! Every day for the week after the session Lois felt a tightening sensation in her lower abdominal and pelvic muscles, occurring throughout the day. Lois normally doesn’t talk about this sensitive subject with anyone, but now, she is telling all her friends about her QHHT® session and what transpired later.

Also, on the day that she called me, Lois said she suddenly has been receiving downloads of information from her Higher Self. Lois is very happy and so excited that she felt compelled to call and share her news.

Lois never told me about her bladder incontinence problem during her QHHT® session. The Higher Self knows everything, and took care of it. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is based in Source. It’s the Higher Self that is doing all the healing behind the scenes, no matter what happens in the session! Our body structures are not separate from one another. Healing ourselves, heals the water within us, and in turn, heals the water of Mother Earth.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker 

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