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[This article is part of a series of articles exploring how our spiritual path, the pursuit of Self Realization, extraterrestrial intelligence, Mother Earth’s ascension, and the global changes of creating Heaven on Earth are interwoven. I will share with you how each of us is on the right track in creating a better world for our children and our children’s children.]


Through my spiritual studies, my meditations, attending the Star Knowledge Conference in 2012, other workshops, shamanic training, my personal experiences with extraterrestrial beings, I know that we come from other places and dimensions. I also know we all come from the One source. I know we are of a grand cosmic plan and experiment that cannot be fully expressed in human terms. Even when the masters share their interpretation of the cosmos, I cannot comprehend it completely, without experiencing it for myself. And I’m okay with that. I don’t have to figure it all out. I’m not here to convince anybody of anything. It doesn’t matter what you believe. What matters is what I believe. I hope you hold the same perspective for yourself, because it gives us both freedom and loving allowance for one another.

We are now at the seventh article in this series, where I’d like to share with you my perspective of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI). I use the term star sister and star brother, because that is who “they” are. I believe referring to our benevolent extraterrestrial beings as family, because it becomes more personal and is in alignment with the concept of “All is One”. There is no separation. After reading the previous article, Positive Changes For Us!, and perusing some of the references I pointed out, you are now familiar with ETI contact and Extraterrestrial Vehicle observation and experiment witness testimony by US Air Force personnel, government project engineers and scientists, former National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA) employees, military leaders from all over the world, etc. I imagine most of you are familiar with Erik Von Daniken’s, Chariots of the Gods book and movie, and his lectures at UFO conferences, about extraterrestrial involvement with humanity over the ages. What I have found is people have varying experiences with what they have described as ETI contact. Some have been abducted against their will and placed on spacecraft, experimented/tested and/or had their bodies altered with implants.  And even some of these people have had their memory of these events wiped out or placed in a deep level of their consciousness that requires a deep hypnosis session to bring it to the surface to face and heal the emotional and psychic trauma of the event. Still, there are people who have had friendly and respectful contact with beings not in the human form as we know it.

Whether you believe life from other planets and star systems exists or not, a person who experiences a situation with a life form not human, is their reality, their truth. We all create our reality. This reality is created in order for us to learn our lessons. Some of us need to learn a lesson in a particular manner that is different from others. The lessons are formed to help us reach liberation from our karma and the separation from God/Creator/Source. How does an abduction experience correlate with Self-Realization? How can a star sister/brother help us learn to love ourselves, and others through traumatic experiences? In my book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography, when I asked Dr. Peebles (a spirit channeled by a trance medium in Sedona, AZ) “what is the purpose of aliens?” he replied, “They are God too.”  I understand everything and everyone holds consciousness. Everything and everyone is God/Creator/Source.

To bend your mind a little here, I want to share what Steven M. Greer, M.D., the father of the Disclosure Project, found out. From his position paper entitled, Abductions, All That Glitters Is Not Gold 1 (see Position Papers at site listed below), he writes that 90%+ of misidentified contact cases are of covert human origins. I agree with Dr. Greer this information can be very disturbing to people. To think that our fellow human beings are torturing others for some bizarre reasons, if to dilute and confuse the masses about abductions and experiments, is beyond any compassionate person’s comprehension. What this type of behavior means to me, is we need to take each case, and hold our opinion until we hear and know all the facts. And we may never know all the facts. We do know that the special secret agencies and operations have the technology to create and develop spacecraft and programmed life forms (PLF) that look like humans and can look like an “alien” being- much like what has been portrayed in the movies, magazines, newspapers and books. Holy smoly! That means whatever I see with my physical eyes and hear with my physical ears can be anything, anyone, and from anywhere including Earth! This is why it’s very important to develop a communication technique with our Higher Self. The Higher Self will always tell us the truth. How else are we able to discern what we are presented with in our physical reality is truth or not? The photo I included at the top of this post is one I took with my camera from inside my kitchen with the interior halogen light bulbs reflecting in the window. The light reflections look like flying saucers. Although I created the photo image for this article, it illustrates how we need to discern what we are seeing and hearing. 

Another point to make in this article is that we are also from the stars. We came here to Earth for our spiritual growth, our Self-Realization, and to assist one another and Mother Earth’s ascension. We are multi-dimensional beings. This means we exist in different places, different dimensions, as different forms. For instance, I know I come from a planet outside this solar system. I have the name of my home planet. I also know I exist as a whale in another dimension, on Earth, and I’m cleaning the oceans, as one of my jobs. I’m a teacher of love to beings who do not know what love is. I travel to a broadcast station at night and present the information I learn here on Earth. When I sleep I go to my spacecraft, which is a large learning institution, where I teach and learn. I study planets and gather data from planets that have been destroyed by their inhabitant’s behavior of wars. I travel around the Earth at night, and awaken people to their spirituality. I am part of a collective of beings from the Great Central Sun, known as The White One/The Higher Self. I trance channel them, the Higher Self/Consciousness for people to heal themselves. There is much more, and, I’m having a human experience learning, discovering, being, and teaching about unconditional love. Wherever I go, people automatically receive healing. These stories of healing are in my autobiography and in the article, Reversal of Death: A Star Being's Healing Gift.

I do communicate with star sisters and star brothers. The communications have always been kind and respectful. Earlier this year, a black helicopter flew over the ranch, right in front of the kitchen picture window. My friend who was visiting me saw it, turned to me and asked, “Men-in-Black?” I replied, “Yes, they, meaning our star brothers and star sisters, are here, watching over us, making sure we are okay and safe.” About five minutes later, while walking outdoors, out to the garage, I heard a voice telepathically say to me, “You understand us.” I sent them my love and thanked them for their message. My Higher Self, also known as, The White One, verified this was ETI communication and not from a covert mind control technique from a small group of individuals operating outside the law. I also had this transmission verified by someone who is spiritually evolved and is doing benevolent planetary work with people and the Earth, all over the world. I have seen and spoken with beings in another dimension because I can see them with my third eye. We are able to communicate telepathically with each other. It’s important for healing practitioners not to judge clients and others when they share their ETI experiences. We all need to be a safe haven for one another. Supporting one another with unconditional love and understanding. Only through compassion, love, and forgiveness, can this world that is full of distress and disharmony, be lifted to a place of beauty and peace.

The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) is an international scientific research and education organization dedicated to the progressive understanding of our star sisters and star brothers. CSETI was founded by Dr. Greer in 1990. Under its domain is the Disclosure Project 2 and the CE-5 Initiative. There are lectures and workshops held at conferences and gatherings in the field, to promote the heart based contact with benevolent beings from other star systems and galaxies. You can learn more at the website referenced in the footnote of this article. As I mentioned in the previous article, Dr. Greer teaches meditation techniques and feels the way to make contact is through meditation. I use his meditations found on the ET Contact Tool 3 app on my smart phone. Everything you need to learn and use is available in this application, and it is low cost. You can make contact by yourself, or better yet, with a small group of like minded people who are in agreement with the technique. There are protocols to follow. Thousands of people all over the world have been trained and are making contact, and documenting with photo images.

Disclosure from our United States government that contact with star brothers and star sisters have occurred since the 1940s, probably will not occur. It’s the people of the world that will bring full disclosure that we are not alone and never have been. If you can understand that there has been an elaborate and deliberate cover-up of ETI contact and suppressed technologies that could clean up our Earth and produce a free sustainable source of energy for everyone, you will already know it will be very difficult for those culpable to come forward. They will need our forgiveness, not our condemnation. If we can get past all the harm we as humans have done and do to one another, for whatever reasons, then we will create Heaven on Earth.

In the next article, which will be the eighth and last in this series, I will talk about how all of us are creating Heaven on Earth.


Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker




3. CE-5 Contact Tool app is available for iPhone®, Android™, iPad®


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