Several years ago I posted a blog article about The Meaning of Christmas Lights by the Angels. This is what they said to me: 

“Each soul determines their agreements and contracts to experience life in one or more particular manner, before they are born into a family and/or circumstances that match their willingness to learn and remember they are loved no matter what. It is the soul’s journey to the heart where they find and touch the face of God within themselves and eventually, in others and all they see. It is the remembrance that the light of God can never be extinguished because they are God first and foremost, forever and ever without end. It is the most difficult of experiences that carves and creates the most inspirational stories that give hope and strength to another. This Dear One, is the Christmas light you speak of, that lights the way back to the Creator.”

We can apply the light being-ness to our everyday activities. There are times we find ourselves involved in human activities in service to one another that interface with the darkness. The darkness can be expressed as betrayal, exploitation, thievery, lack, loneliness, manipulation, etc. To go even darker, it is currently expressed in the world as pedophilia, fake news, and worse, that I won’t place the words in this article.

There is a group of human angels that are addressing pedophilia head-on in countries on the other side of the planet from where I live in America. The group is The Quest, ECSS. This is a non-profit organization devoted to rescuing children involved in sex trafficking, because sex trafficking is a world wide problem. Their mission is empowering the local people to serve the most vulnerable. As of this past Thanksgiving 2017, the number of children rescued is 850, with 100% retention. This means the children don’t go back to the places where they were kept in unconscionable conditions. The children are cared for with clothing, food, medical treatment, education, spiritual nourishment and play. Those who are close to their death are cared for in a safe and loving space. 

What I describe is the light in the darkness. Where ever you find yourself in struggle and complications, focus on the heart of compassion and love that you have for yourself. Let love guide you in your actions and thoughts. Pray for the safety and welfare of all children all over the world. Give gratitude to the Creator Source for your blessings. Send healing energy to those in need by saying, “You are blessed. You are loved. You are healed.”
It’s not easy all of the time being here on planet Earth during the transition of ascension. All that is corrupt and distorted must come to the surface of humanity’s consciousness in order for it to be expelled and transmuted back into love. We’re rockin’ it. We’re all in this together. 
Be Light!

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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