As we start the last month of the year, now is a good time to plan our visualization for 2014. Where do we want to live? Is it time to launch our own business? Some are seeking a new relationship.

Here are several tips for planning your manifestation of 2014:

1.  December is the time to journey inward and check in with your dreams and goals. Find the time and arrange for meditation exercises. Ask your angels and guides to help reveal the answers to your questions. If you have difficulty in tapping into the information, consider the assistance of an angel tarot card reader and healer. They will help empower you to tap into your own information. Your angels and guides are very eager to help you, but you must ask.

2.  Consider creating a vision board for 2014. Vision boards are created to help you manifest your goals, by placing the images on the wall of your bedroom or other private place so your subconscious can “view” it. Start collecting magazine images and decorative stickers and scrap book items for your board. You don’t have to put much thought into the images, as you allow your inner guidance to draw you near to the images that resonate with you. Collect coupons to purchase the supplies. Go to yard sales or second hand stores to find frames. You can even purchase a piece of foam core board at your local arts and crafts store and use it to create your vision board. Ask your arts and crafts store sales associate to cut the board to fit the frame. If you don’t like the color of the frame, paint it to match or contrast your room decor. I put sparkle glitter on mine so my subconscious is stimulated on a spiritual level.

3.  If you are considering moving to a new location, then visualize yourself living there now. Look for images on the Internet or go to your local library or bookstore to view books and magazines about the locale. This will help you “see” in your visions. Purchase a map and plan your route. Start reducing the amount of items you will need to move. This will help you become clearer and save money in moving expenses. Have several yard sales. Consider donating items so that they can be re-purposed for others. Remember online selling platforms, like Craigslist, are another method of advertising your items.

4.  If you are wanting to manifest a soul mate or twin flame into your life, create an altar in your relationship corner of your home and bedroom. Think of twos in your decorating and bed size. Consider a feng shui consultation to help you in creating the energy flow in your home for relationship enhancement. Visualize you and your partner creating love and happiness.

5.  If a cruise or another type of vacation is in your plans for 2014, consider having a dinner with the theme of the area you will be visiting. Invite family and friends over to a potluck created with the cuisine of the area. Decorate the place settings and table with toy or paper boats, plastic dolphins, photos of woods or beach scenes, etc. Make plans, book your tickets, and place a poster image of your destination on the refrigerator door. The refrigerator door is a form of a vision board. Have fun. Visualize your destination.

6.  If you want a healthier body, then write down your plan and create a commitment ceremony to yourself, at the end of the year to launch your exercise, diet modification, and reward project. Create a timeline and be reasonable, in small steps, to obtain your goal. Check with your holistic/homeopathic physician about your plan to gain the benefits of modifying what you are doing now to create and maintain your health. Remember to include meditation and breathing exercises. Can you see yourself being strong and healthy and not affected by flu bugs and colds? Visualize your healthy body. Doodle a picture of yourself with a smile and a vibrant body.

I hope you found these tips helpful and they may have given you an idea to prepare for the year 2014, from a manifestation view. Each and everyone of us has the inner power to manifest what we want to create. It’s up to us to take action, through visualization and faith our dreams will come true. 

Blessings and love!

Barbara Becker


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