Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a powerful and transformative hypnosis modality created by the late great Dolores Cannon. I am sharing a portion of a client session; not giving specific identifying details for privacy sake. As a QHHT® practitioner for the past six years (certification: 11/3/2014), this session is the first time I recognize the client’s ego and Subconscious aka, Higher Self, working secretly to create an amazing experience and show us the tangible evidence of transformation that occurs in deep hypnosis.

I facilitated a QHHT® session for a 45 year-old married woman. Her life story is benign. No childhood trauma, illnesses or injuries. She met her husband in high school and they married after graduation. She received her college degree and worked in several jobs. She and her husband have several children; all home-schooled, healthy and socially adjusted with positive attitudes. The children have a warm and close relationship with one another. No auto accidents or significant illnesses in her adult years. Her physical body is in great shape, about 125 pounds, slender, no health concerns. Her demeanor is calm and friendly. If you’ve read my QHHT® session stories book, Time Travels: Exploration of Lives Remembered, or have read my blog articles, certainly, this is not my typical client. She has never done formal hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

Questions submitted were about her life purpose, why she chose her religious family to grow up in, her career choice and further guidance into other subjects. She slips into deep hypnosis at the end of the interview, while sitting on my sofa, in broad daylight, during a fun exercise I give every client to prove they can go into deep hypnosis.

Past Life:

She lands on a beach of little brown rocks beside a tall cliff on an island in the middle of the ocean with gentle waves. The sky is orange. Seeing only human feet, she could not visualize the rest of the body. I ask her to step out of the body and turn around. What does she see? She doesn’t see anything. I then asked her to reach down and touch her crotch area in the scene. Surely she can tell if she is male or female. She can’t feel any genitals. This type of situation can occur when the ego is blocking because the client has a hard time accepting they are another gender in the scene or, the Higher Self is being gentle with the person by giving visuals in small doses. I’ve encountered this type of situation before and I’m able to help the client to settle down and the full picture comes into view, as we work together.

The scene comes into focus. She is a naked bald male teenager with blue eyes. While he was away hunting, his family and the entire village community was killed by a warring tribe because they want the land where the village is located. My client is beginning to cry. He is all alone and doesn’t know why he is sad. (The fact that the client is crying confirms she is in deep hypnosis. You can’t fake emotions when you are in deep hypnosis.) To help him calm down, I offer that we can go and explore to find other people. This technique is client driven for the action. Since he wasn’t going anywhere, I decide we will move on.

We go to another important day in that life…

Now in his forties, he is in a cave by himself, sitting by a campfire. He is wearing a loin cloth on his healthy body. He hunts wildlife for food with a bow and arrow. His father taught him years ago how to make a fire rubbing two stones together for the spark that ignites the dead leaves and the wood. Nothing much is happening.

We go to another important day in that life…

He is now dying. Although he is about the same age, he just gave up. He doesn’t want to live anymore. He feels done. No injuries or illnesses. He stopped eating for a week. He is in the cave and feels sleepy. He leaves the body very easily. The body decomposes without any animals feeding on it. His parents meet him on the other side and take him into the Light to a resting place. This is where we leave him.

The Higher Self

The Higher Self came through with permission. I ask why did they show my client this past life as a primitive male teenage hunter. They say she has a hard time believing in reincarnation, in that the soul can be a male or a female. As a survivor, she can take care of herself, as she is close to the Earth. These concepts apply in her current life to show her she is more capable of teaching, loving and serving humanity, than she thinks she is. This is her mission. She has a wonderful business that is touching the lives of the new children on Earth.

As I begin asking the eternal question of her current life purpose and missions, the conscious mind, aka, the ego, comes forward to sabotage the session. I verify with the Higher Self that someone is interfering with the answers coming forth. I speak with the ego to find out why it feels it needs to come forward. The ego says, “It’s not safe.”

Now it’s time for me to use logic with the ego.

Barbara: What is not safe about receiving clarity to her questions so she can go forward in her life?

Ego: It’s dangerous.

B: What is dangerous about it?

Ego: It’s not going to be comfortable.

B: Is that going to be a problem for her?

Ego: Silence

B: Has she ever felt discomfort in her life?

Ego: Yes

B: And what happened after that?

Ego: She went through it.

B: Okay, don’t you think she’ll move through this too?

Ego: It will be painful.

B: Childbirth is painful. Would you agree?

Ego: Yeah, but it’s over. Nobody’s going to care.

B: Nobody’s going to care about what?

Ego: She’s going to do it to herself.

B: Isn’t something being painful, a person’s perception?

Ego: Yes

B: And aren’t we not to experience the full spectrum of being a human here, in order for the soul to evolve?

Ego: Yes, we are.

B: And in that, can the discomfort be a gift?

Ego: Yes!

B: So what’s the problem?

Ego: There is no problem.

B (I soften my voice): Yeah, that’s right. I would like you to merge with the Higher Self and know the light of protection is around you. She’s safe and she’s comfortable. So are you! Can you remember that?

Ego: Yeah.

Barbara: Okay. Thank you for talking with me.

At this point my client uses the toilet and returns to the room. Upon my suggestion, she lays back down, slipping easily into the deep hypnosis, After the body scan, the ego begins interfering again. I bring my client up to a lighter level of hypnosis and we go out to the living room for a chat about the ego. I don’t mind doing this. After talking for a bit this helps the ego to settle down more. Every time the client returns to the hypnosis room, the hypnotic state is deeper. As a side note, the client thinks from the beginning of the induction she was in hypnosis for a few minutes. The actual time span is fifty-five minutes. This is proof the client was deep.

At this point, I inform my client of my work-around technique so she will receive her answers tomorrow and the days after, as she listens to her recording. She agrees with the plan. I also suggest she probably needs to do more inner work to settle the ego, so she can trust herself more in her day to day life.

And this is where I am pleasantly surprised…

I apply the work-around, bringing my client even deeper in relaxation than before. The Higher Self comes through easily and begins answering my client’s questions with authority and details. Speaking in the third person, the Higher Self conveys the rationale behind their recommendations. She is given specific information and details about proceeding forward in her career and family. My client is advised to let go of the good versus bad stories, and just accept that everything has purpose and it’s really all good. This will help her to heal her wounds. There really is nothing to heal from. It’s just all part of the experience and growth. She didn’t come here to be comfortable. She came here to grow and become!

Old programs in her mind are removed that prevent her from attaining her full potential in the human experience. We dive deep into her perspectives and how they are self-sabotaging. Stepping out of the old paradigm is important for her to move forward in her life. Now she’s understanding all of those challenges and obstacles in her life are very much part of the design of the human experience to enlightenment. This is when the Higher Self begins laughing with me at the cosmic joke. Now, life challenges will be perceived as a blessing, and she will be transformed by them. She is waking up from the cosmic dream.

The Higher Self goes onto say…

Her current marriage is very good. Everything was planned and it all began as it was supposed to. He’s not a push-over and that’s good. He doesn’t just take her crap. He takes it and gives it back because that’s what she wanted. She says if I had someone who listened to me all the time, I wouldn’t grow! He is helping her, in that, he is a really nice gift. As far as her spirituality and communication with the Higher Self, she is right on track. This QHHT session is not normal for her, and people would think she’s crazy, however, she’s right on track being here. She needs to acknowledge she’s doing it!

Barbara: Does she understand this is sacred work?

HS: Yes! She knows that. It’s just that it’s so scary because it’s so different than what she thought she knew. She doesn’t have to let go. She’s really adding. She can choose whatever she wants to create. She needs to stop thinking of herself so limited. Nothing is limiting!!

My client received a 100% solid gold Higher Self communication technique so she can ask questions and receive answers going forward in her life. She doesn’t need to use pendulums, tarot cards or muscle testing. A huge shift in the positive is coming into her life. She will trust herself and everything will fall into place very nicely. Keep loving herself and this will keep her aligned.

Being a male in a previous life freaked her out a bit at the beginning of the session. She will be pleasantly surprised when she listens to the tape (recording). She is a very powerful being. She didn’t know that about herself. She is God. She is here intentionally, for a reason, on planet Earth. She’s more than she thinks, but so is everyone else.

My Higher Self & Dolores put this into my mind and nudged me to ask:

Barbara: Dear Higher Self, I noticed after we came in here, the conscious mind merged with you quite nicely and you’ve been able to come forward and answer all of her questions. What contributed to that? Was it something that we said out in the living room?

HS: Yes! It was helpful.

Barbara: What was most helpful for her?

HS: She really needed to see what she was holding onto. It was an awareness knowing that she could even let this go or she didn’t have to. She could let her fear go or she could hold onto it. You helped her see the trust is gone and the fear is there. A conscious decision was made to trust. She can do that! This is a new thing. It will be this way from now on, if she chooses it. She didn’t know that was possible. She thought the story was strong and it would take a loooooong time. It doesn’t. It’s just a bunch of fear. A fear of what is okay to do. Like this was scary to do for her. It seemed fringy; dangerous. She wants this bad. She knows this is not a mistake. Everything is working for her.

Barbara: Before we conclude here, I’m just a little bit curious. As she and her soul family agreed to be in a constrictive religious family, it seems the way we started this session, it was like that constriction. However, after the chit chat in the living room…

Higher Self interrupted me: Yeah! We kicked her butt!!

Barbara (laughing) Is this like a metaphor or example of who she is? And now, can she realize how amazing she is?

Higher Self: Right. It is so… a metaphor. Yes. A before and after. It can happen fast. Just a construct.

Barbara: So now, I want to take it one step further. Were you holding back while the ego ran amok so she could have this experience, in other words, you both agreed to do this?

Higher Self: She needed to get kicked in the butt!! Yes, she needed to feel the difference. She will feel very different. She could feel me before. She was so nervous. Now, it’s time! There’s a shift. A big shift. It’s going to feel like that through her regular life. It’s happening now. It happens fast. This is change. She can now have confidence. She can’t stop it. Switch, switch, switch it, to something new! Switch it ON!!

Barbara: I’m expressing my love, gratitude and respect, for the conscious mind and the Higher Self working in tandem for this beautiful experience for ________, in her session today. Do you, dear Higher Self, have a parting message?

Parting Message from the Higher Self

Go forth! Keep going. This is a new time for you. Don’t doubt. Go forth and prosper!

(I make the Vulcan hand sign from StarTrek) The Higher Self and I are laughing because they can see me.

Barbara: We recognize Dolores Cannon is here in the room with us. Does Dolores have a message?

Higher Self:  She is grateful. Grateful that there is enough trust. Grateful that _____ recognized the cue. A friend of ________, dropped Dolores’ name and she listened and read, when she could have just ignored it. Dolores is grateful.

Barbara: Thank you Dolores.


In the debriefing, my client feels lighter, and a little fuzzy with the theta waves of deep hypnosis still activated in her brain. She tells me, “Barbara, it felt like I was scolded!” I replied, “Yes, you got your butt kicked. You needed it. Congratulations!” We both laugh.

Love and blessings,

Barbara Becker

Barbara Becker is a Level 2 QHHT® practitioner. She has facilitated sessions since 2014, for close to five hundred clients from all over North America, including Canada and Hawaii. A naturally gifted healer, she is also a trance channel, angel communicator and author. She has a free monthly newsletter and low cost monthly teleconference where she channels her Higher Self, The White One; a collective of beings from the Great Central Sun of 10,000 Suns. The White One answers questions and transmits healing energies through the Mathematical Star Language.

If you have physical, mental or emotional illness, or need to clear your chakras and energy fields to attain optimum health, a channeled healing can be given over the phone.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique  private sessions provide the opportunity for you to heal yourself, find out where you are from and your life purpose. Find out the missions you agreed to perform here on Earth and elsewhere. Receive guidance and a solid connection with your Higher Self. Find out more here at these two links:



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