In November of 2001, I received my second degree Reiki attunement. On Friday evening, just before the weekend course, my black cat, Shady Lady, became ill. Her sneezes contained blood. Her vet told me on the phone to bring Shady Lady into the office on Monday morning. My husband was home while I attended the class on Saturday. When I returned home that evening, Shady Lady was no where to be found.

All the doors and windows were shut and had not been opened by my husband. We searched the whole house, but we could not find her. Naturally, I was upset and concerned for my cat’s well being. During the Sunday session, the Reiki master could see Shady Lady next to me in the form of golden light. I was told Shady Lady was happy and healthy. It was time for her to cross over.

I asked, “How did she leave?”

“She just left.”

Even though I didn’t fully understand it at the time, I had to accept this interpretation. I have since learned about translation. Translation is the process of leaving this third-dimensional reality and going into the spirit realm with the physical body. Jesus did this. Monks do this. There are portals, or gateways, into other dimensions all around us. In fact, I’ve been opening gateways where ever I am, so that in the near future, people will be translating very easily and quickly, as their and the planet’s vibration is elevated.

Mother Earth is vibrating at a higher dimension, right now, in 2013. As we continue to progress into higher dimensions, we will be seeing more spirits around us. Those of us who chose to leave the third dimension reality and step into a higher dimension, and our vibration is high enough, we will be able to access other dimensions through the portals. 

Mind you, this is not a form of suicide. Rather, it's another perspective and being in another vibration and dimension. We never die. We just relocate. When Shady Lady translated, she took her body and her black velvet rhinestone collar with her. She and I used to pretend the rhinestones were diamonds. She was well loved and cared for, the entire 12 years of her life. So, if we take our bodies with us, then think how much money is saved on funeral costs. Instead of grieving, we will be celebrating that another one of us is living in a higher dimension. Isn’t that what we all want for ourselves and each other?

The key for us humans to translate, is for us to increase our vibration, through loving ourselves, having compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others. Lighten up as much as possible, by dropping the garbage and baggage of old programming, fear, anger, and other low vibration behaviors and activities. Meditate and realize your Self as the Divine.  

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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