Sensations in our bodies

Now that you are practicing becoming aware of your environment and the sounds you hear, from reading Part 1, let’s bring it in closer; to your body. Your physical human body is designed to be a communication device between you and your Higher Self. When you hear someone say a particular word or phrase in a story, you feel chills in your body and you see goose bumps on your skin, your Higher Self is telling you to pay attention to what was just said, or to listen carefully. It could also mean your Higher Self is trying to communicate confirmation to you. However, in all these years you’ve been programmed not to listen or heed the sensations in your body. Give yourself permission to believe and trust when those chills and goosebumps show up. Stop doubting yourself. This applies also to when you are speaking to someone and the chills and goosebumps are experienced. This means you are speaking truth. This is a good thing.

Number Sequences

Another way to receive messages from your Higher Self is to notice number sequences such as 111, 222, 444, 777, etc. Do you also notice seeing those numbers usually occur when you’re not specifically and consciously seeking them? In other words, you just happen to glance at the clock and the numbers are there. That is your Higher Self causing you to look. Then you blink your eyes and recognize there is a number sequence on the clock. You smile. Now, take that moment and realize what did you just hear, or what did you just say or thought? It could even happen when you are reading a book or an article. You glance over at the clock and you see the numbers.

When you are driving your vehicle and you see a license plate with a number sequence, that is also a communication from your Higher Self. Although angel communicators and psychics have written in books and articles the meaning of the number sequences, I have found the message for the numbers is simple. In numerous hypnosis sessions over the years, my client’s Higher Self has stated the number sequences were given to merely get the attention of the client to let them know their guides and angels are here with them. We are never alone. It just may feel that way in the third dimensional physical world.

In the next article we will look at body language and the communications we receive from human behaviors.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

Next: Part 3: Reading body language and noticing behaviors for communications

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