From my Angel Tarot Card Reading clients, I hear a recurring concern about friendships and family relationships changing. For some, the cruel behaviors by family members can be devastating. At least, this is how they are perceiving the non-supportive comments and actions. Statements of, “I don’t understand you. I don’t believe what you are saying or what you are doing”, are indicators you are the one who is changing.

When we pursue our spiritual path through reading books on esoteric information, angels, crystals, star knowledge, astrology, etc., opening our healing gifts, and learning that we are multidimensional beings, we begin to attract new friends and relationships of like mind. And although, we hold the space of loving allowance for all, there still will be friends and family that will not understand us. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is actually a natural process, because we are caterpillars that turn into butterflies, so to speak. We, as spiritual beings, experiencing life in the human form, are constantly changing and evolving.

Many of us are recipients of negative and self-defeating programs from our parents, teachers, the media, movies, and friends. As we open up our awareness to non-truths such as, we live only one life and have to live it one particular way, we are not good enough, or we are failures, we suddenly find the need to remove these programs from our minds and energy fields, because they hold us back from our greatest potential and creativity.

When we embrace that we are not victims, rather, the creator and co-creator of our reality, then our perception changes to a healthier one where we take responsibility for believing negative and limiting statements, and change them into positive ones. Through clearing work, affirmations, journaling, and change, we can step into our greatness. And the big secret behind all the negative behaviors of others, is they are playing a role for us to change ourselves.  Remember, we all came from one place. And that place is love, otherwise known as God/Creator/Source/Great Central Sun. When we leave this human life, we return to love. Everyone in our life is part of our soul family that agreed to help us learn lessons through experiences and relationships.

No one said it was going to be easy, living on Earth, in the third dimension. This is the toughest school in the Universe. It takes great courage to come here and learn our lessons. The good news is, the world is changing and has changed for the better. It’s time to live from the heart and be mindful.

Welcome new friends into your life. Just as there is an abundance of wealth for everyone, so there is an abundance of friends. When you are happy and loving yourself, your cup is running over, and you will attract friends of like mind and vibration. Continue to love those who you no longer communicate with because you don’t resonate with them. Be strong and love yourself. These are lessons on our path. All is well.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker


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