Ocean of love

There are amazing beings on our planet, in human form. Some are well known, and others are not. For the one solitary human that has touched our hearts and helped us in one small way, that made all the difference in our life, even for one moment, they are famous to us. It is through the small acts of kindness we touch each other’s heart and the effect of the kindness is felt through out the whole world. The following are true stories. I left the names off for the sake of privacy. 

A woman who stopped to help a man change a flat tire of his sports car, on the side of the freeway. The man did not know how to change a tire. Because of her Good Samaritan act, which she had no expectation of receiving anything in return, the man invited her out to lunch. From the conversation during the meal, the man found out the woman owned a nationwide trucking company. And the man was a top executive of a well known farm equipment corporation. It just so happen, the corporation was looking for a trucking company to haul their equipment cross- country. The woman was awarded a $50,000,000 contract. Just from a small act of kindness in the form of changing a tire for a stranded motorist, this created abundance for this woman and her trucking company.

Holding a door open for another person is a simple form of kindness. When I have held a door open at a gas station convenience store, I noticed it did not matter how people were dressed or what kind of a vehicle they were driving. They all appreciated the gesture and they expressed their gratitude with kind words and a smile. I imagine, they felt some degree of respect and honor being blessed upon them. Why not? They are me and I am them. We are all of one body, one soul, one heart. When I looked back at the door, I see people holding the door for others too.


A man who saw people walking on a busy shopping street in a city in Europe. It was a rainy day. People were not focused on where they were walking. They had not noticed the 400 Euro (~550 US dollars), they were stepping on, laying on the street, folded up, next to the curb. The man picked up the paper money, and instead of keeping it, he placed it in a child’s bank account for her mother to use for medicine and supplies.

There are people all over the world helping children, the elderly, animals, birds, trees, whales, and dolphins, and much more. How do these acts of kindness touch the whole world? The action goes into the global consciousness. Our thoughts, with emotion, create and manifest. Through our acts of kindness, the world is becoming a better place. Holding and embracing the vibration of love, hope, and peace, we all are contributing to the creation of Heaven on Earth. Each act of kindness is adding to the ocean of Divine Bliss where we experience love for one another and the Oneness of All.


Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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