In this article I will share how we can use sounds to go deeper into hypnosis and what the sounds mean for the you and how using the sounds in hypnosis to your advantage demonstrates how amazing you are.

Four years after I became a QHHT practitioner, I received my certification in basic and advanced hypnotherapy, from Michael Newton instructor, Mark Johnson, of Good Vibes Hypnosis. During this course, I deepened my appreciation for Dolores Cannon and her amazing hypnosis modality, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) and the components she placed in it. Although most people will not even hear sounds in the room or sounds outside of the room where the hypnosis is facilitated, sounds can be used as a “deepener”.

Do you realize how amazing you are? You can take any sound and use it to your advantage. Let’s say your stomach growls, or the hypnotherapist/practitioner’s stomach growls. Perhaps, there is a car horn honking, or fire truck sirens. You can take those sounds and use them, simply by saying to yourself, “Ahhhh… I go deeper.” Why put yourself on the hamster wheel of frustration? Use the sound to your advantage.

It is also helpful to remember that where you are experiencing your hypnosis session, there will always be sounds from nature and human-made sounds in the environment. You don’t have control over those sounds. So allow the sounds to be and refocus to what you are experiencing in your session. Here’s a personal example: I attended Ron Holt’s Quantum Navigation Meditation event gathering in Phoenix, Arizona, in April of 2019. As we began to breathe deep and enter meditation, (which is relaxation), I noticed the second hand of the clock on the back wall of the room sounded like this: Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom! Then, I heard the traffic outdoors on Shea Boulevard! I reminded myself this is just like when my clients go into hypnosis. Our awareness expands outward into the room, and outside of the building. I refocused my attention from the sounds, allowing them to be, and my third eye opened as I relaxed deeper. A wormhole opened before my eyes, and I went flying through the universe. It was an amazing journey because I didn’t allow the sounds around me to distract my focused attention. Just like in deep hypnosis, our bodies and mind are relaxed.

Here’s another personal example: My 4th QHHT® session was facilitated on a ranch where I lived fifty miles northwest of Phoenix. This ranch has a lot of wildlife, including a pair of owls that slept in the pine tree next to the room where I was located. During the session, the owls hooted back and forth in conversation. I barely heard the dulcet tones. However, when I listen to the recording, it’s my favorite because I love the sounds of the owls. Did I mention I love owls? If you’d like to see a photo of the owls I’m referring to, here’s a love story about them:

The QHHT session is a beautiful and transformative gift you give yourself. It is filled with nuggets of gold. That gold is in the information and downloads of insights you will receive for years to come. A QHHT® session will help you see where you’re at on your spiritual journey and what you need to work on for further growth and development. When you hear sounds on your recording, the sound is a message from your Higher Self. When you hear the sound, pay attention to what was just said, and/or what is being said, and/or what is about to be said. Only you will know specifically what the sound is referring to. Trust it. Know it.

The sound could be anything; a stomach growl, a pop in the wood framework of the building, a car horn, or even sirens from a fire truck or ambulance driving by. For one client, a gaggle of geese flew by the window, honking, while I spoke with his Higher Self. Last year, thunder from a storm crashed outside during the client’s session. This sound is equivalent to an exclamation point at the end of a sentence: Pay attention!

I hope you will appreciate sounds during a QHHT® session are your friends, not foe. Embrace the sounds as an integral part of your hypnosis. When you incorporate sounds in your experience, you will not be bothered by them. This in itself, will help you to relax even further. You are that amazing!

Blessings and Love,

Barbara Becker

Barbara Becker is a Level 2 QHHT® practitioner. She has facilitated sessions since 2014, for over four hundred clients from all over North America, including Canada and Hawaii. A naturally gifted healer, she is also a trance channel, angel communicator and author. She has a free monthly newsletter and low cost monthly teleconference where she channels her Higher Self, The White One; a collective of beings from the Great Central Sun of 10,000 Suns. The White One answers questions and transmits healing energies through the Mathematical Star Language.

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