Every since we were born, we’ve been in movement. Out of the mother’s womb, we are moving our lungs, screaming with our first breath, kicking our legs and shaking our arms. We were born to move, not stagnate. For most, we were moved to our mother’s bosom and loved.

I understand not everyone had a childbirth as the one I depicted. Yet, everyone has moved out of the labor and delivery room, the birthing room, the sacred space where the childbirth occurred, or the back of an ambulance or car, and eventually went to the home or nursery, lovingly prepared by the parents.

We grew as children, playing on swing sets, swimming in pools or lakes, jumping rope, running on baseball diamonds or jogging tracks, bicycling on hills, and many other forms of physical activity. As we grew older into adults, we ventured out of the home to college, a job or career, or got married. We acquired furniture for our nest. We moved furniture for place and function. We purchased or were given objects to decorate our home or apartment. Decorative and functional items were repositioned for various reasons, such as better lighting, greater ease in pathway flow through a room, or replacement of a broken object.

Between our childhood and adult years, we learned other forms of exercise. Some learned yoga. Some found great interest in hiking, bicycling, running, tai chi, car racing, sky diving, boating, and many other forms of activities.

Moving is a physical expression of change. Thus, our constant in life is change. Change brings new energy and vitality in our consciousness. We clear out the past, whether its objects anchoring us down, or relationships that no longer serve our greater good and well being. Change gives us the opportunity to step into the new and the unknown. Change gives us ability to stretch our comfort zone so we can be of further service to others who need exactly what we offer, based on our experience.

There are times in our life where change occurs very quickly. I shared my personal story of a dramatic change in a previous three part article I wrote: How Our Reality Can Change In An Instant: Part I. In this story I told the change in a relationship with a man who became unstable. For my safety and comfort, I had to move very quickly.

In the second article, Our Life Can Change On A Dime, I continue the story as I met the man who would become my second husband. It was on my first date with this man, I sustained life threatening injuries from an auto accident. Thus, my life moved in a totally different direction. In the third article, Life Changes: Part III, I share the story of my career transition from critical care nurse, to legal nurse consultant.

It’s beneficial to ask ourselves how are we moving through our changes in life. Is there resistance or blockage? Are we able to roll with the changes as water flows down a river? What do we have in our life that helps us to change? What are we learning from the changes? I invite you to dialogue with your guides in your meditations with these questions. I imagine you have more questions tailored to your unique situation in life. Know in your heart, that you are a creative being, capable of great love and acceptance. Apply that in your life as life changes on your journey.

Blessings and love,

Barbara Becker

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